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    right now? well right now im fighting the octocactus in my dream
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    Alien city, minecraft, and pregnant woman! 3/31/11 control: regular Clarity: great Lucid: no

    by Zeno on 04-02-2011 at 05:29 AM
    So, these were either three separate dreams, or three different scenes in one long dream. It all started out with a destroyed alien looking city.
    I was spiraling in from an arial view, there was a destroyed city with a red sky, it was cloudy too, there were not many buildings standing, and if they were, they were either on the verge of crumbling, or were stripped of everything except the framework. I was standing underneath a dome like structure, it was simply metal framework. there was a voice speaking to me but I can't remember the exact words, it was something along the lines of saving this alien world, the structure had then begun to collapse, I had to escape the sight before I was crushed, when the final piece hit the ground I found myself playing minecraft. I was with this mod, he was showing me how to trap people in rooms surrounded by creepers, the creepers, instead of attacking, stood at the doorway like guardians, When I went into third person my character had the structure of a creeper, but it still had my skin. the dream shifted again. This time I was either looking through the eyes of a pregnant woman or I was the pregnant woman. ( and I was damn sexy.) I was apparently reading a pregnancy book, I guess I got this from flipping through the channels in RL, I remeber hearing something bout pregnancy books, but my eyes were reading the book and I managed to read that when your pregnant you will fall asleep easier.

    And then I woke up, my recall is improving, SUCCESS!

    "Light vs dark." 3/29/11 Clarity: good on what I was focused on. Control: good. Lucid: No.

    by Zeno on 03-30-2011 at 11:48 PM
    So This dream was cool because, I wasn't lucid but I had complete control over the dream, it wasn't just one of those played out ones, I got to make my own decisions and all.
    I was standing near the door in a shadowy portion of my schools outdoor lunch area. I was wearing a sort of flame suit, but it was clearly a comical one, it was all plush and stuff. There was a guy next to me that I had never seen before wearing the same type of suit, but it was a moon instead, a blackish one. There were two other people wearing the same costumes and I quickly found out that we were two different types of Light and Dark, the guy who was next to me was my teammate apparently and we began to fight the other two. I was suddenly in the moon suit instead and I stretched my hands out, trying to do something, I saw a bunch of purple minuses floating out of the body of my target,( This was a really cool effect, the guy gained a dark purple glowing outline and white minuses with the same purple glowing outline floated out of him, kinda like a debuff from a game. ) the enemy moon, I figured I was leeching light from him, meanwhile the two fires were trying to burn each other. I stopped leaching life when the moon attacked me with a lightning bolt, I tired to do the same thing, swinging my arm downward like a idiot, but to no avail, the enemies began to fly into the air. My teammate( Who has suddenly lost his costume and was wearing school uniform ) Jumped onto my back and I was suddenly able to fly aswell, and finally shoot lightning bolts. The dream ends with me soaring upwards to the two.

    Back into LDing

    by Zeno on 03-30-2011 at 12:27 AM
    Hey anyone who's reading this, just got back into Lucid dreaming and saw the fancy new dream journals, this one is mine.

    So I'm still getting my recall back up, going pretty smooth though.
    I had a couple dreams, forgot to record them, but I can remember something about a bus ride, that's about it for now, I'll come back tomorrow with a full dream.