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      Nice to see you active again, welcome back ( ? ) ! We were on the same team on some comptetition earlier. Btw if you're interested, you could check out the new task based LD-community I created three weeks ago. It's called Dream Hero League and it has some participants already. Feel free to join if you find it interesting
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      Hey dragonmaster, we're on the same team on the eleventh competition. "Mud"-team
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      How's everything going man?
    4. Indeed! Same here
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      Hey, just read your signature. I love the Eragon Cycle! One of my favorite sets of books!
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    Empty Hotels

    by Zyangur on 07-04-2016 at 06:39 PM
    I was in a city with massive buildings and the majority of them were hotels, but it was completely empty. I pulled out my phone and made a post on /r/AskReddit. The title was, "If you were in a completely empty hotel by yourself, what would you do?" It got a ton of upvotes and I got a ton of responses, so I decided to try them. I went in to a hotel and it had a really weird open layout. All the rooms were completely open and there were no walls. Another hotel had these rooms that moved. You got to your room by using an elevator type machine which moved the rooms around.
    dream fragment

    Video Game and a Show

    by Zyangur on 07-02-2016 at 05:22 PM
    Dream Fragment 1: I was in some sort of undeveloped country. I used a computer to log on to this horror game that took place in the same area. There were these creepy figures that chased you, and multiple times I quit the game but I kept playing again.

    Dream Fragment 2: My friend was putting on some sort of show for a ton of my classmates and teachers. He pulled me in and put a bunch of makeup on my face. Then he threw me in the air. I almost landed on my head, but he caught me. Then he told me to run towards him backwards. So I did that and he threw me and I did a backflip, but I almost landed on my head again. This time I landed on a softer mat.
    dream fragment

    Last Day of School

    by Zyangur on 07-01-2016 at 04:31 PM
    I dreamt that it was my last day of school again. It started with this Barbie Doll. I was throwing it around with my friends, but the main person I remember being there was C. Then we went in to this room. It was completely white, and at the far end was some opaque glass, with a door in it, like a bathroom stall. I opened the door and there was a couch in a little area. Then I went back in to the other room and threw the Barbie Doll, and it exploded in to a bunch of different pieces. Then I went to talk to my computer science teacher. She was in a room of a similar style. The flooring was white marble. It was like a really fancy, high end government building, or something like that. I talked to her about a coding competition I had earlier. My friend was also there who had participated in the coding competition. I'll call him Jerry. He was talking with my teacher, but then started to open up his computer and do things while my teacher was talking to him. Then, another friend came online on Steam, and he pulled up a live video of him playing Grand Theft Auto. The sound was pretty loud, and he wasn't closing it, even though my teacher kept making more and more obvious remarks about how rude it was. I was going to start yelling at him too about turning it off and being polite. Then, something happened, but I said goodbye to my teacher, and went in to another room with Jerry and C.

    He had a game on a VR headset that he wanted to show me. I put it on ,and it was like a real life simulator, but I started out in a grocery store. I started destroying things, and throwing food at people. For a second I was worried about whether I was in real life or VR, but then I decided I was in VR, so I kept destroying things. I was throwing tomatoes and all kinds of food at people. I ran outside the store and heard screaming and there were people running. There was this little girl with a gun and she was just waving it around shooting. At this point I had forgotten about the VR thing, so I ran with my friends to the room we were in at the beginning of the dream. I could see the outline of someone sitting on the couch behind the opaque glass. They were reading a book. So instead of hiding there, I hid next to the door, and sat on the ground. After a bit, I got up and went outside. There was a huge water fight with all of my classmates, and I was soaking wet. Somehow I ended up with my pants off and just my underwear and a shirt on.

    I was going to walk down a hill to another friends house, but about halfway done I decided it would be too embarrassing without my pants on, so I ran back up the hill. I started thinking "wow this is pretty fun. I am going to start running more." Then I got to the top and got in my car and drove home. Upon arriving, I noticed some friends at the house next door. I went over to say hi. One of them was one of my sisters friends who I haven't seen in at least four years and the other was a good friend from my school. They said "hey" and my sister's friend said, "How would you like it if we pantsed you?" There were also a couple other girls there, so I would have been embarrassed, and I backed away as they tried to come pull my underwear off. I warned them I would punch them if they tried. I just turned around and ran in to my house. I wondered if the police would have come if I had punched them, but decided that I would have been fine since they were trying to pull my pants off. It was dark once I got inside. The house was lit up, but there was nothing in it. The walls, floors, and ceilings were made of wood, but it was a sort of unfinished, rough wood. I saw my sister sitting out on the deck in a bunch of beanbags. My mom came up to me and said, "Z, I left a present in your room for you." I went downstairs, and it turned out to be this book on the history of Colorado or something like that. Then I woke up.

    Skiing and Mars

    by Zyangur on 06-29-2016 at 06:57 PM
    Dream 1:
    I was going skiing with my friends. We were in the backcountry, skinning up the mountain. My friend took his skis off and I accidentally knocked one of them down the mountain. It hit a tree and the binding broke, so I went to get it. I apologized and told him I would cover the costs of repairing it. Then, I was at the top of the mountain. Looking down, it was like I was on a mountain pass, with a curved road going down. There were jumps over the road. I skipped those because they seemed too crazy, but then I started skiing. The snow was deep and it was amazing. It was like my dream run: steep, deep, and lots of cliffs. At the bottom I hit a huge cliff, landed, then fell and my skis came off. I lost them in the snow so I started looking for them. While I was looking I found a bunch of other skis that weren't mine, but I recognized them.

    Dream 2:
    I was going on a trip with my dad. He said we were going to Vietnam, but we were on different flights. I was worried because I didn't know what I was going to do once I arrived there because I was on an earlier flight. My dad told me to just find a friend who was on the same flight as me. I was looking around and found one of my friends from school. We went to get on a flight, but it was actually a rocket that launched up and went in to space. We quickly arrived on a planet that looked like Mars, but there was a huge fortress there. We had to fight the guys on the fortress using the weapons installed on our space ship.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Running From Parents and Crazy Knife Dude

    by Zyangur on 06-29-2016 at 01:03 AM
    Fragment 1: My parents told me that something was wrong so I had to get this surgery where my head would be transplanted on to another body. The surgery was supposedly very new and the success rate was undetermined because the surgery hadn't been completed much before. The problem was that I knew there wasn't anything wrong with me, so I spent the dream running away from my parents, who were following me and telling me that if I didn't get this surgery I would die. There was more and I can sort of remember the setting, but I don't really remember what happened.

    Fragment 2: This dream was a long one, but I only remember a short fragment. I was being chased by a guy with a knife. There were multiple times where he sliced my body. It was extremely uncomfortable. I took off my shirt and saw slash marks across my stomach and on my body. I thought that it was weird that I wasn't bleeding or dead.