last night in my dream i was standing on a cliff at a beach then i became lucid, i noticed a space capsule floating in the ocean so i ran and leeped of the cliff and started flying to the casule but i over shot my landing and landed in the water about 5 meters behind it, i tryed to move toward it but i was being pulled back then i tryed to bring it to me with telekanesis but it just moved futher away, then i noticed a guy on a jetski towing some kids around in an inflatable boat so a grabbed ahold of the boat as they went past then i saw that my friend was driving the jetski so i told him to take me to the capule. as we were moving toward the direction where the capsule was i noticed a sunken yatche under the water with the sail just breaking the surface, as we moved over the yatche the capsule was gone. also i can just remember having the same dream a couple nights ago but i'm not sure if i was lucid,i can remember flying over the capsule and seeing an astronaut locked into there seat, and i can just remember the yatche under the water and the capsule being gone when i got to it. can someone please tell me what it means?