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      hot oatmeal and seaweed

      I was around 6 or 7 yeras old when these dreams began. I'm 37 now. Anyone interpreting dreams should have a blast with one..
      It takes place in the house I grew up. So I'm walking out of my room, lights are off and the hallway lights are off, the only lights that are on are the ones straight ahead in the livingroom and i see my parents on the couch watching tv. As I walk down the hall just as I was about to reach the living room, something grabs my ankles, pulls my feet from under me and i fall face first to the floor
      It then drags me back to my pitch dark room and sits me in a chair..and what feels like warm oatmeal is poured on me. Whats strange is that i know whats about to happen while im in my dream. I know that as im walking that im about to be pulled back to my room. And im not fighting it. Im kinda like "ok this is going to happen and i cant stop it" .My dream ends there. I have had this dream over and over for years, at random. Sometimes even during the day when taking a nap. I would have it two nights in a row and sometimes weeks or months apart. About 5 years ago, I had the same dream , but for some reason when I got pulled down to the ground I looked at my hands and i had what looked like those little pods that are attached to seaweed that wash up on beaches in my hands, one in each hand. I was about to get pulled back into the dark room but as I was looking at the pods I squeezed them as hard as I could and they popped. Whatever it was that was grabbing my ankles about to pull me back had let go of me ..i got up and walked into the livingroom. That was the last time I ever had that dream. Our of all the hundreds of times I've had that dream, the pods were only in the last one. After that one till this day the dreams have not come back.

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      Cool ☻ SeeWeed ☺

      Yes this one's a crackerjake.
      Was something stopping you living, in some way? Pulling you back, pulling your feet from under you, making you fall flat on your face?
      Maybe at 6 or 7 something happened, or it's recently starting school.

      Then you go back to the darkness, instead of the light where others were.
      Maybe you needed to think of what was good for you and warm. The first fulfilment to keep you going.
      And you know it's gonna keep happening and you don't fight it.

      Finally 5 years ago, at about 32, you handled it differently. Or you fought it, decided to take control. Or something changed. Or it's the age of coming into oneself.
      No longer wanting to feel washed up, or hold onto this weedy separation, you burst that bubble.
      Then you could live in the warmth and light, by the looks.

      Maybe those bubble-pods are seeds, so you stopped it restarting.

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      Here's my try, jakesteel24.

      If I could turn your dream(s) into a statement, it would be something like this:

      "As a child, I can not see why couples behave as they do. And at my age I don't even have the inclination to really try to figure it out. I guess I'll just be left in the dark, sitting around, wondering why they feel so hot and mushy."

      And the last dream adds,

      "Now I've got it. Now I see. And I'm moving into the same place."

      Childhood home = your life, as a child.
      Being in the dark = you can not see.
      Your parents watching t.v. = couples behaving as they do.
      "Something" which pulls your ankles = represents your age, or stage of life.
      Disinterest in fighting the "Something" = no inclination to figure it out.
      Darkness = lack of understanding.
      Chair = "sitting around".
      Oatmeal = feeling hot and mushy.

      Seaweed = play on words. not sea, see. it's in your hands because you've "got it".
      Walking into the Living Room = moving into the same place, or feeling the same as other couples you've seen.
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      Dreams that keep repeating themselves are almost always worthy of our attention and have a message for the dreamer. The final dream brings everything to a positive closure.

      The sequence of events in a dream is usually important. For example, if a dream is progressing and something positive happens in the dream, then the event immediately prior to this “something positive” is usually positive as well.

      When interpreting a dream, I’ll usually use the theories of the late Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. Additionally, many of the dreams that I look at have mythological and religious symbols. These symbols are often those that were part of the pagan religion of the dreamer’s ancestors.

      The house represents the dreamer in some way – probably his psyche. The darkness inside the house probably refers to the unknown, the unconscious or something similar. In the dream, the dreamer represents the ego, which is the center of consciousness for Jungians. His bedroom is his consciousness. The lights are off in his bedroom, thus implying that the dreamer is ready to delve into the unknowns of the psyche.

      The dreamer is walking towards the living room where he sees his parents watching TV. His parents are probably symbols of what Jungian psychologists sometimes call the sacred union, the holy marriage. It is the joining of opposites. Its appearance is a positive sign in a dream. Although the dream does not mention what is being watched on the TV, it is probably related to the dreamer in some way – perhaps the contents or the development of his psychology.

      The creature/person (or whatever it was), who grabbed the dreamer’s ankles and pulled him back into his bedroom, does not want him to enter the living room for some reason. I believe that it is because the dreamer is not yet ready for that step.

      Once the dreamer is back in his bedroom, it pours something on his that resembles warm oatmeal. It sounds like the dreamer has been anointed. The anointing process has a long history in the religions of many different cultures. In Judeo-Christian beliefs, anointing seems to have three primary functions: (1) as a cure for disease, (2) as a ceremonial blessing and (3) as part of the last rites before death. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anointing The anointing in this dream may be a combination of any or all of these. (BTW – dreams of death almost never refer to a real-life death).

      If this anointing is with oatmeal, it probably has some special meaning. I usually associate oats with horses and oatmeal with Scotland. You may remember that Samuel Johnson’s dictionary had this amusing definition: “Oats. A grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people.” https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/173...rally-given-to The oats could be an indirect reference to Epona, Rhiannon or some other horse goddess.

      In the last of these dreams, there is a change. There are seaweed pods in the dreamer’s hands. He squeezed the pods and they popped. The most likely meaning is that the dreamer has eliminated some impurities. (Another BTW – we all have some impurities but the dreamer has taken some action to eliminate them.)

      The dreamer next walked into the living room as part of the process of joining the parents with further psychological development.


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