Yesterday I had this dream that for some reason upset me.
It begun with my boyfriend breaking up with me during one of his mental illness episodes (we are long distance IRL but in the dream we lived in the same place). I wasn't surprised, nor upset, and shortly after I got a new boyfriend. This new boyfriend was extremely ugly: anatomy of someone with progeria, crusty dirty skin that was flaking, and he wore a wig that had just a bit of hair, but it mimicked the texture of the skin underneath. At first things were going well, we went to a mountain trip and had fun. Then I showed some pictures we took together to some friends, and they got worried about me because of how the breakup didn't affect me, and I could sense they preferred the old boyfriend. While showing them the pictures I started to realize I wasn't proud to show off my ugly boyfriend, I started to find him more and more disgusting and repulsive, to the point that I didn't even want to touch him, nor to be touched by him. At that moment I realized that my ex (my boyfriend IRL) actually wanted me back and wasn't serious about the breakup. I decided to go visit him at my aunt's apartment, where I knew he was hiding (IRL my aunt's place is where I go when I don't want to be disturbed by my family, if that's of any relevance). However, while going there I met my father, who was also directed towards her apartment for a visit. I didn't want him to see my boyfriend (I haven't told my parents about him yet IRL either) so I got tense and started thinking of a way to make my boyfriend escape without getting caught. On the way to the apartment we met three super cute small dogs, just chilling in the stairs, and that lifted my mood for a short while, but afterwards I got back to my plan. When we got in I rushed to my boyfriend, who was in a huge room full of clutter and random objects. He looked broken, passive, slow. I tried to guide him to the door, and when my father came by I shove my boyfriend back into the room, and told him to hide behind the door, but he got too retarded to understand what I meant, so I had to put him in place myself, and then I redirected my father away from him. I noticed my boyfriend had started to morph into a goblin-like creature, he was curled up and miserable, and I felt pity for him. At this point I see my father with a random old lady who I learn is from a charity event that he's holding. He's accompanying her to the front door, and at that point my boyfriend, who looks like an old man/goblin himself, comes out of the room and tries to help the old lady. My father mistakes him for someone from the charity, and he just lets them go away without saying anything, while I'm left doubting wether my boyfriend was still the same person. The end.