Had a dream last night that apparently, I was there to investigate a weird earthquake in a small town and I think I was invited to a party or a meeting with someone? It was a small party I think.
I went to go to take my dog out for a walk at the dead of night after I got home from this party. I felt weird in the dream like I was a little drunk? It had just rained in the dream and there were patches of fog here and there. It felt like maybe like it was October or something.
In my disoriented state, I wandered out into the sidewalk and the road with my dog who was not on the dog leash at the time. It is unlawful for any dog to run at large where I live in real life.
I felt drugged like I was poisoned or something. It was like I was walking in zigzags, or walking like I was drunk. I don't know.
I almost got hit by a white car. I felt sluggish and dizzy... I felt a slight pain on my left side.
I remember hearing a car coming and it screeched to a stop, they swerved and they nearly missed us. I closed my eyes and put my hands over my eyes and started a panic. "Help!!" Once in the middle of the street, I couldn't move. When I did try to move, I felt like I was walking into TWO different directions at the same time. A gold light came out of me when I did walk. I think I was experiencing some hallucinations because I remember thinking that it was not physically possible.
Right before I got nearly hit, I remember seeing a car that broke down on the side of the road. It was a small yellow Camry car? It was hard to tell even with the street light.
I think there were a bunch of college students hippies... It was sort of dark so I couldn't see what they looked like.
The guy in the white car that almost hit me and my dog, got out of his car. He was yelling at me to get off the street as I stood right in the middle of the road. Then everything started to spin.
Then I woke up. I don't think I ingested anything in real life.