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    Thread: What is consciousness?

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      Quote Originally Posted by BenjaminBrown View Post
      We are the opposites of machines. That is the beauty about humans. You don't make choices by random quantum mechanics, because if you get a choice to shoot somebody you don't know, you won't do it on a scale of 1/4 that it could happen. You make your choices based on your experiences, your feelings and of course your values​​.

      I think conscious is what the human really is.
      I couldn't agree more with you! Machines or such things will never have consciousness. I think consciousness makes us behave the way we do. And actually you could say our consciousness consists of our experiences knowledge feelings....etc... consciousness is just a very complicated thing you can't explain it just like that.... only a living thing is capable of having one ...not any machine or thing is ....also one thing that machines will never have or any thing are feelings....they are well too complicated....well you can programme some machine or something to smile or idk behave like a happy person when someone idk gives it present....but that isn't happiness that is just a respond from an soroundings based on some command.....but only we humans are able to experience through feelings as we have consciousness only we have some higher self.... that no thing orr machine could ever have anywhere
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      [QUOTE=JackALope2323;1506040. Consciousness is the universe's way of observing itself.[/QUOTE]

      Beautifully written.

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