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      Everything we hear and see, triggers thoughts in our brain that are like seeds. When those seeds are given to us, we can either throw them out or plant them. Lets say my teacher tells me to do my homework. Either I "Plant" the seed, do my homework or i throw the seed out, dont do my homework. This is a bad example but you get it.

      Everything we do in life depends on our decisions, the seeds we plant.
      Some people have more beautiful gardens than others.

      -just something I quickly had on my mind and just randomly wrote down
      give me your thoughts guys
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      So true. There has never been a land more fertile either. Doesn't matter what we plant, good seeds or bad, the land of the mind returns that which is planted.

      as ye sow so shall ye reap
      Last night I dreamed I ate a ten-pound marshmallow, and when I woke up the pillow was gone.
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      This is called your neural net, and you have no idea just how accurate you are. If you truly study your brain you will find that it works very much like this, except that the things that you plant in your brain grow into one another, and make pacts.
      Also, your brain has more blood than most flower gardens.
      ---o--- my DCs say I'm dreamy.

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