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    Thread: Persistence and Apples - A riddle.

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      well of course these tests arent always 100% accurate or reliable...you have to take a bunch of these in order to get any real information about a person...deosnt mean it isnt interesting

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      Hmm. This sounds like an unrequited love thing to me. Looking at it that way...
      Assuming that in my relationship, the person (apple) felt that I wasn't right for them, and kept me at arm's length (difficulty getting closer to the person, possibly caused by previous traumatic experiences/hurts, etc? Or maybe they're just cold), I suppose I wouldn't waste my energy trying to force it to see that it's the 'apple' for me. (Fortunately, this is not my current situation and I'm rather happy. ^_^) Anyway. It sounds like the apple would be a person that is rather uncertain about him/herself, and has issues with confidence and self-esteem, and doesn't allow people to get close to them because they're afraid to be hurt or have been hurt before, in which case I would back off and let the 'apple' decide on its own whether or not 'it' wanted me... I wouldn't sit down at the base of the 'tree' and wait for it to fall, exactly. I wouldn't fight to get it. But I wouldn't let the 'apple' forget that I was there and wanted it.

      Right, I can't think coherently when I'm ill, so pardon me if that doesn't make sense.

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