So, while I was in my sustainability class, I came up with an idea to "audit" your life. At first it was to determine how you could reduce consumption and consumerism, but I found that it became very applicable to simplicity and clarity. Feel free to tell me what you think, or audit your own life.

The following is a very concise and informative way to audit your lifestyle. Next time you set foot in your home... Stop and take a look at EVERYTHING inside of it. Every product, every item of clothing, every square foot of "space" created out of the walls of the home. (You don't actually have to be at home, you can just imagine what things are there.)

Find a "thing" (say, a Television or a table or a pair of shoes, but it could be ANYTHING that you or someone you know has purchased or made. It could even be something you cannot touch, like Facebook or the Internet or a television show!)Answer these three questions concerning that "thing":

1) Why do I have this?
Possible answers include: Because it looked cool, because I wanted it, because my friends have it, because I saw it in an advertisement, ETC.

2) What function or purpose or fulfillment does this item provide? Possible answers include: It helps me store something, I use it to cover my body, I use it for warmth, I use it for entertainment, ETC.

3) What would my life be like without it? Possible answers include: I would be unable to survive, I would have to change my ways, I would be happier/sadder without it, ETC.

Repeat the process for as many "things" as you wish.Feel free to share, or just keep them to yourself! Sometimes it's helpful to "audit" your life and get perspective.

(This can then be applied to all aspects of your life. It can reduce your impact on the environment, give you more clarity, or simplify the things that occupy your time.)