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    Thread: The Omniverse

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      The Omniverse

      Disclaimer: the information that will be presented in this thread and subsequent links, contains sensible tho diverse notions that cannot be refuted... Each is to discern what is beneficial to their awareness for themselves. If you are such a person that is anxious about the idea of consciousness being the fundamental cause and factor in all things created (and please understand I am not implying a vengeful god that's going to come and get you) then for your own sake forego reading this material. It is not my intention to start debate here but simply to offer what I have to share with those who already accept it on some level.

      When looking into the greater scope the notions presented become far more grandiose. I will urge all who come across this to take note that when something is known the knowledge of it cannot be undone. Even if it is a compilation of epiphanies that cannot be proven through the rigour of conventional science, but which have thought provocative implications about how and what consciousness's roll is in the way that our existence is explored with regard to the purely mental processes of thought based esoteric experiments.

      If this is not your cup of tea then you will be much better off psychologically, by not reading any of this thread. Given the implications of the notions presented introduce thoughts that may be uncomfortable for some to consider, then it is only responsibly wise for myself to advocate that due to the fact that the notions that are extrapolated upon are irrefutable, then it would be best that those who don't wish to have an unwanted irrefutable concept of consciousness based reality to become part of their mental inventory, then they best stick with focusing on how they prefer to assume reality is. For the same principles that are described work in both head spaces. Only one pays direct attention where as the other utilises them passively so as to function at its optimum; implying the latter is reductionist scientific methods.
      __________________________________________________ _________________________________

      There are sections within the following which are highly non linear. As such certain phrases and paragraphs covered earlier may need to be revised in order to grasp the context of what a later facet deal with. This even occurs within a single given paragraph at times whereby the end compliments the beginning in way that when it is reread the begging is understood in a higher manner and vice versa. Thus some notions may appear nonsensical at first, however upon finishing the paragraph they take shape.

      Regardless of whether one agrees with the information presented, I thank all who taking the care to read this disclaimer. So as that oneself may be capable of identifying the outlined precautions and thereby be better able to manage mental health and or faculties in context of these writings

      __________________________________________________ _________________________________

      The Omniverse


      The Omniverse concept has been notioned by many philosophical writers and fringe theorists alike, whom contend with string theory, as well as the esoteric science's of modern mystics from the last century. There are also some aspects mentioned throughout the various ancient Hindu scriptures. This synopsis will extrapolate upon the wickipedia entry on the subject thereby setting the context for the following alternate interpretation.

      The Omniverse is the cosmology of which centres upon the notion of an all encompassing hyper-dimensional hub, by which all possible universes with all possible laws of physics occur. In the physical context, the limitation of the definition "universe" is that it only has one set of "physical laws and constants that govern it, whereas the Omniverse is expanded to include multiple sets of physical laws and constants, each expressed as a wholly or partially separate universe. The later being universes which overlap into one another, like two TV channels being played simultaneously on the same TV, of which broadcast the exact same show, except each show has the potential to diverge into alternate possibilities of expression.

      1.1 The Hierarchy within the Omniverse

      Universe: The inside description of a context that is relative in size/structure (attributes/modes) to the known universe that we inhabit. A Universe, also known as a Cosmos, is a particular individual space-time organization with a specified number of dimensions of space and time and definite and specific laws of physics. Other Universes (other Cosmoses) may have different numbers of dimensions of space and time and different laws of physics than ones own Universe (Cosmos).

      Multiverse: The part of infinity that directly joins a given universe with all possible alternate configurations of that universe i.e. the field which spans a given cosm and all its subjective alternate cosms.

      Metaverse: In string theory, the part that is along with, after; over also denoting change in the multiverse that houses the branes or film that each universe is said to be attached to and hang like individual sheets in a hypermagnetic wave with rhythms of hypercosmic strings going up and down that has a third element causing up, down, backwards, forwards, motions inside the Xenoverse.

      Xenoverse: the unknown alien elements that are beyond and part of the metaverse and multiverse structure. Compared to a patchwork quilt hanging on a line to dry in space that is multivariate inside the Omniverse. While the Omniverse is said to be the outside ring beyond all that is known, the xenoverse on the other hand is the hypermacrocosm within the Omniverse that is unknown beyond the metaverse—the unknown sets of laws that govern how branes behave to create metaverses, the laws of which govern the creation of multiverses.

      Hyperverse: Multiple xenoverses, probably a quarter of an Omniverse which they are relative of [sort of like saying that the hyperverse is a harmonic membrane of xenoverses which contain the rest of the omniverse, so the other three quarters exist within the hyperverse but are not really innately characterised by its laws directly, as it is more so akin to a field which holds the xenoverses together... The xenoverses then hold the metaverses together which in turn govern and arrange the multiverses various laws of physics (also known as codes of creation; infinity codes) Thus the omniverse holds the hyperverses within it of which span its whole volume but their laws only govern the arangment of xenoverses, as such the laws that are attributed to the hyperverses are only a fraction of the total volume of that which they contain. So it is like levels within levels, each of which are governed by the level which proceeds them but in turn each level above has lesser relation t subsequent levels below the level that they govern directly].

      Omniverse: All possible attributes and modes are in play, multiverses are categorized by the attributes/modes active in its child universes. Some or all possible modes of existence are actualized. If we take the point of origin as our being as a point in measurement, then we can generate the following hierarchy: 1. our location in space-time, 2. this universe (cosmos), 3. the multiverse, 4. the metaverse, 5. the xenoverse, 6. the hyperverse, 7. the omniverse.

      One can think of the omniverse as a tree structure: the omniverse is the trunk, the metaverse is the set of laws that govern the formation of branches, each multiverse is a branch, and each universe (cosmos) is a leaf.Alternatively, the omniverse can be illustrated as a forest in which a metaverse is the set of laws that govern the cosmic ecology that determines the distribution of trees in the forest, a multiverse is a tree in the forest, a universe as a branch on that tree, and all further branches and leaves are further subset horizons within that universe.

      __________________________________________________ ________________________

      1.2 A Holistic Interpretation

      The Omniverse can be expanded into greater perspective by contending that space is fractal - holographic; holograms are pictures made of smaller replicas of themselves on a film strip, which are like a prism. When a laser is shone through the film strip the many small pictures all superimpose into the laser beam and are refocused as a single image upon a receptive surface.

      To say the universe is holographic is to infer that cosmoses are made of subjective micro-cosmoses, like wise the micro-cosms are made of subsequent micro-cosms add infinitum i.e. the quantum foam, or rather macro-quantum foam (as above so below, as below so above). Each cosmos is defined as a static hypersphere whereby space implodes rather than explodes i.e. an Imploversial Scope. Thus each level has just as much potential of complexity as the others, because space has infinite resolution, like pixels on a computer screen but an infinite number of sizes/levels of resolution all of which are accessibly reorganised into quantified cohesion at every possible level into infinity. So, essentially a universe/cosmos can sit in the palm of your hand and still be just as full of energy as your own objective universe.

      Thus in contrast with the string theory approach of explaining the Omniverse, the holistic approach of Imploversial physics can yield a greater level of comprehension. This being because the quantum foam of any cosmos is made of subjective microcosms/quantum components, these components are repulsed by one another equally like a positively charged colloidal silver solution. Thus they are statically suspended by one another in space, but they each have a variate rate of depth charge (implosive expansion). This in turn creates contrast and clusters who's function is similar to a 3D grid of LED lights, whereby movement of particles as independent singular things is as illusory as LED lights consecutively switching on and off in progression producing the impression of a single light (or lights in unison) moving across the grid. This is called the scalar effect

      Therefore from the macro-quantum perspective, microcosms arrange themselves into clusters – multiverses, which can be thought of as particles of matter in the quantum foam of a single cosmos within. Likewise a single cosmos can be thought of as containing the membranes of metaverses and xenoverses etc which are the various multidimensional fields that serve as nexus conjunctions for the transferral of holographic information i.e. scalarly morphing depth charge contrast between the quantum components (micro-multicosms) that comprise particle clusters in a single given cosmos. Thus a given cosmos also contains micro-versions of all the hyper-macrocosmic fields of the Omniverse, i.e. as above so below.

      This means that all possible laws of physics can be exhibited within a given cosmos, it is only the accepted model of mainstream physics which defines the generally perceived limitations of an individuals everyday reality. Therefore the consensus reality is nothing more than a widely held belief which filters out the awareness of other laws of physics at play.

      __________________________________________________ _____________________________

      1.3 The Quantum Measurement Problem

      In quantum physics, all measurements require a conscious observer. Yet to explain consciousness, science theorises that it involves the interplay of smaller and smaller particles ( neurons, molecules, atoms, quarks, photons, electrons, etc. ) The existence and state of these discrete elements is dependent on quantum theory which requires a conscious observer to collapse the equation. All the whilst the actual essence of the conscious observer or "consciousness" its origin of eminence, remains unexplained (i.e. "the black box ".)

      Since consciousness is unexplained by physical theory but remains present in our understanding of physical theory, it is the mother of all things ( even the unconscious since it cannot generate the "conscious" ) The measurement problem is resolved by unifying the observer and observed into a single system that is not compatible with traditional reductionist science - breaking things down to understand them )
      The unification is achieved by accepting that there is only a single universal consciousness that all seemingly separate individuations are a part of. ( “God” or whatever one so wishes to call it ).

      Quantum theory cannot resolved the measurement problem
      because it is a metaphysical issue. However what it does reveal, is that science is still unable to falsify the perspective of mystics regarding their take on the deep mystery surrounding existence and the purpose of individuated experience.

      __________________________________________________ ____________________________

      2.1 The Tetra Dimensional Torus of Existence & Omnified Cosmologies

      As of 24/02/11 it has been announced by the International Science Grid that NASA has a mathematician Grigor Aslanyan, a doctoral student at the University of California at San Diego who is solving data that suggests the universe is a torus - see Grigor Aslanyan: Universal Torus.

      It is believed the dimensions of a Torus could be arranged in 3 different variations.

      a. Infinite in 1 dimension and finite in 2.
      b. Finite in 1 dimension and Infinite in 2.
      c. Finite in all 3

      If a torus becomes infinite in all 3 dimensions it is no longer a torus and instead collapses back into the transcendent semi-formlessness of the 4D Hypersphere to which it is the infinitesimal potential of (in 3D space). I feel that this is actually happening in every moment at an unfathomable rate. Thus producing the heart beat of the cosmos which governs the rate of implosion

      I feel that these fundamental arrangements of a Torus' 3 dimensions, are the hint that there are 3 different prime cosmic codes of creation. The rest are various combinations of the base 3 with varying degrees of limitation, yet one can perceptually navigate through the hierarchy via the art of lucid dreaming/waking. Lucid waking is when one experiences everyday life with the same euphoria as a lucid dream, the beauty of this however is that it can only be attained when one is enlightened enough to be unable to bring to harm another unjustifiably. Thus eliminating human error via solipsism – the belief that oneself is the only conscious being in the universe and all others are figments of their imagination.

      Here are the implications in rhetorical format.

      What if Quantum physics has more or less unveiled to some extent, that beliefs and perceptions of the world are what determine ones objectively reality. Would that mean they also determine which Torus code of the cosmos oneself is in?

      Perhaps people are only capable of perceiving and therefore believing anything that is a possibility to begin with.

      If you entertain alternate cosmos's/timelines and universes etc. as well as infinite combinations of all possibilities.
      Then the same continuum of events exists in all three models of reality...

      The conundrum is that when scientific "proof" of one version of reality is confirmed it tends to warp peoples assumptions of reality in a biased manner, which creates/tunes the consensus perspective to that bias as a default for all who do not question it or have the opportunity to know of other perspectives.
      The oldest perceptions of the world have the highest residual imprint in the Akasha (the cosmic records: space is like a field of information of all that is possible and all that is experienced)...
      This is why in some places the scientific data doesn't fit the model because some areas have higher frequencies of residual consciousness and perception from the ancient past and so the reality codes warp when one enters these zones....

      Experiments have shown the human EMF is 500 times stronger around the heart than it is around the head.
      The following paragraph is an excerpt from: The Heart, Mind and Spirit by Professor Mohamed Omar Salem

      The heart’s magnetic field:
      Research has also revealed that the heart communicates information to the brain and throughout the body via electromagnetic field interactions. The heart generates the body’s most powerful and most extensive rhythmic electromagnetic field. The heart’s magnetic component is about 500 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field and can be detected several feet away from the body.
      It was proposed that, this heart field acts as a carrier wave for information that provides a global synchronising signal for the entire body
      (McCraty, Bradley & Tomasino, 2004)
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      Your holistic interpretation would do well with the word Holon, and could even be better articulated by replacing the word holistic with holonic. A holon is essentially a system that is replicated in its parts as well as its greater scope.

      But I dig this post immensely now that I've sat down to read it. It articulates much of what I have studied and experienced. I am most personally focused on the multiverse, as you described it, or as I would describe it, the transition effect. As I have practiced OBEs I have become aware of this transitional effect and have begun to theorize that my position in existence is determined more by my state of mind than by the location of my body.

      Everything works out in the end, sometimes even badly.


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