I have pieces of my childhood I remember as a snap shot in my minds eye. I was reflecting on this and these where moments when my Soul was reflecting on it's existence. I remember an amusement park, velcro blue sneakers, walking up a slanted path next to the bumper cars. Another minds eye snapshot of a forest of tree's split by a double lane highway, being observed by a Soul sitting in the back seat window of a red hatchback truck. There are many more snapshots in my mind of similar seeming insignificant events. As I stood at my kitchen sink today cleaning dishes and making a meal for my children, it struck me. Those thoughts previously perceived as insignificant, where times when my Soul was observing. Reflecting on itself to be filed in my conscious memory album of what it is to be me, the "I AM". This is why every moment is significant. Because, in every moment we are creating the "I AM". How beautiful life is when you see it from multiple perspectives.