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      On Harvard Suicide

      Hi, I don't know if you guys have heard of the suicide in Harvard. Well let me make it quick and just give a link: Man Who Killed Himself On Harvard's Campus Left 1,904-Page Note

      And as you can see he wrote a massive 1904 page book (here's the link for the book if your interested: suicide_note . I've read a few blurbs of it here and there and like the ideas he shoots but as for the rest of the book it will defiantly be in my "to read" section. One odd thing I find is as he was writing this he had the suicide in his mind already creepy!

      Okay I will leave it at that and just want to know what you guys think of it. Or of the ideas he brings forward.

      P.S. : I'am going to add talk more about it later, I just don't have the time now
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      Seen it before but didn't realise the guy wasn't actually a Harvard student.

      I recall reading some of what he wrote and finding it boring... it's mainly nihilism. The guy was depressed and killed himself... there you have it.

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      I remember downloading this a while back but still haven't read it.

      I wonder if he killed himself for an audience?

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