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    Thread: our construction of reality

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      our construction of reality

      i heard that at any one time we recieve about 6.8 million "bits" of information, and we only use 5-9 bits to construct our reality or perception.
      could someone please point me in the direction of some proof of this? because i heard it is scientific but i havent seen the study.

      this means that we are only percieving a small slice of reality.
      so this brings up the question can we change witch bits we are using to construct our reality? and i think we can but it is a subconscious thing.

      Maybe this is exactly what happens when in altered states of consciousness such as: Meditative states, Astral Projection, and states induced by some drugs such as DMT and ayahuasca.

      I was also thinking that we might be able to consciously controll witch bits we are perceiving with hypnosis, and we could do this at will with post hypnotic suggestion. because hypnosis is the ability to control the subconscious, so if this is controlled by the subconscious then we should be able to control it with hypnosis. whether you just used it to perceive everything more positively, brightly, and happily. or to perceive everything in a completely differant way, similar to that induced by psychedelics, to explore our consciousness.
      if there is anyone here who knows much about hypnosis what do you think about this?

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      That is something hypnosis is commonly used for though it's not quite accurate to say they change which information the brain receives. I think what you're thinking about is like how, for instance, the acoustic pressure from our atmosphere is thousands of times stronger than the acoustic pressure of sound waves generated by someone talking to you. The reason we hear the talking and not the atmosphere is because we're keyed into one specific pattern or frequency.

      So I'm not going to be able to cite some scientifically verified source material when I argue that you can, in fact, key yourself into different information. That's because the process through which this happens is very... um... different from documented scientific phenomenon. For instance, Law of Attraction states you receive the same kind of data that you broadcast. Broadcasting makes you think of radio waves, but you're not literally broadcasting radio waves. Radio waves travel through space and time, Law of Attraction does not need to travel through space and time. When you broadcast a feeling, it instantly affects the entire universe, and sort of like changing channels on a television, you don't need to wait for the signal to reach your receiver after you change the channel, it was already bombarding your receiver you just weren't tuned into it.

      So hypnosis is a viable way to change the shape of your receiver, which because of law of attraction is the same thing as your broadcaster. It's simply more accurate to call it a receiver because the signal is already there, waiting to be tuned into. However this can also lead to misconceptions such as "Quantum Leaping" where people tell you that you can leap into a new reality. The truth is that there is a process between deciding to change the channel and actually receiving the new data, it's just not a process that must travel through space time so much as a process that must happen psychologically. Something must work its way toward complete believability, without a shadow of the feeling of doubt. What you desire must feel as true as the chair you sit upon in order to exist (as must the chair you sit upon). Hypnosis helps because it bypasses the critical barrier and begins to change your inner landscape without waiting for permission from your will or cognitive factor. Because we have such well reinforced conditions telling us what isn't true, our ego tends to side with them over what we desire to believe is true. The ego is the reduction of dissonance in the mind, so when you deal with something like a desire and a new theory that you can have the desire using the law of attraction, the ego will still side with your rational conditioning even if you really, really want it to side with the law of attraction.

      I don't use hypnosis, myself, very often. I prefer to work on things that I really desire and also believe are possible in order to test for myself that the law of attraction works. After using a few easier goals to prove to yourself it's actually possible, you can up the ante with bigger, more unlikely desires to reinforce its probability.
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      I don't think there's any scientific evidence for that claim. It sounds far too advanced a statement than neuroscience is currently able to produce. And it's hard to see what is meant by conceptualising a shape with 20 faces...

      ...if you can't perceive more than 9 bits.
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