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    Thread: How Vegetarianism/Veganism Benifit World Causes

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      How Vegetarianism/Veganism Benifit World Causes

      Hey guys. As a lot of you might know, I'm a vegetarian, and also switching to vegan (in increments T^T my family won't buy me all vegan food).

      I just wanted to share info on how you can make the world a better place by becoming a vegetarian or even better, a vegan. Now, without further ado:

      1) World Hunger: As you all know, the main source of food for farm animals and cattle comes from grown crops. In fact, the crops being farmed in the USA alone for farm animals can feed 850 Million people! And that's the US only. now, of course, when you feed a cow for example, you get milk and meat in return. But the thing is, you get less than you pay. You end up feeding and watering these animals much more than you take from them. For example, if you payed a million calories in crops for a bunch of cows, you'll get only a small fraction of these calories in meat and milk form. This is inefficient since we need every calory in this age of One Billion hungry people worldwide.

      So to be clear, vegetarianism/veganism doesn't cause more need to plant more crops. It's actually the opposite. We'll be able to feed more ppl with the same amount of crop production.

      Food isn't the only decreased thing. Water is too. It takes so much water to supply farm animals and farm factories.

      You need to remember too that we force breed farm animals, so if we started going vegan, these animals will decrease not cuz of starvation or mass murder due to disneed, but because we won't force them to mate like we do now and thus have less off springs.

      2) Pollution: The procedure to produce meat and meat food causes much more pollution to the environment than the procedures to produce vegan food. Farm factories are a big culprit here. Cattle cause 20%+ of green house gasses. You can google how the meat industry causes pollution if you want (o/c every industry causes pollution, but meat industries are worse than vegan industries. Like, if we lived off vegan industries, there'd be less pollution than if we have meat industries).

      Also, remember what i said about crops largely going to feeding farm animals? Remember how I said that veganism would make the same amount of crops feed more ppl? Well, this also means that veganism causes less deforestation, since deforestation is largely due to the need for farming more crops. And, to top that off, even more deforestation is going on for cattle ranches.

      These are 2 major reasons for adopting vegetarianism/veganism.

      Vegetarianism/veganism is aimed largely for the sake of reducing world problems. Veganism helps reduce better than vegetarianism.

      You might have noticed that i didn't talk about animal cruelty being reduced by veganism or possible health benefits to veganism. This is because you probably have heard these a million times before.

      Also, vegetarianism/veganism is about REDUCING world problems, not ending them. So don't go all over me on "You use internet and electricity, so you still pollute" and so on, bcz the aim here is to REDUCE world problems. In truth, there is no holy grail to solve all world problems. We just try to improve on ourselves to REDUCE these as much as we can. Also, I do advocate eco friendly habits, so yeah I do care about the other domains too. Also, mentioning other causes for world problems doesn't negate the benefits of veganism.

      I hope you all saw something beneficial here. And if you think that veganism is hard, then you can go by it in increments. Start by just reducing meat eating. In fact, if everyone had a vegan Monday each week, that would reduce world hunger greatly. Veganism by itself can end most hunger. Add that to not wasting food and fighting food greed, and we'll be on the fast track to ending hunger.
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      i Agree with you.
      Also all this industry of "meat" uses a lot of resources, oil to transport, fields to feed a lot of animals, production places, again transportation, . And all of this for nothing, because is not a proper or good food to our body, we can get a better health eating foods like fruits, vegetables, seeds, dried fruits, cereal and avoid serious disseases.
      I change my habbits regarding food a few years ago and i can really feel the difference and i think all the people are willing to change their food habits when they know the true or when they don't have a chance. It is best to start with your will and not when the things are not ok.

      Have a nice day
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