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    Thread: Would nature laws be the same for the aliens?

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      Lightbulb Would nature laws be the same for the aliens?

      Me as a person observe human's model of the world. My dog if he would be little more intelligent, he would observe the world similary, because we are long relatives (life tree) and his observation and physics laws would be similar to our I gues with some problem with writing and stuff. But What about aliens? If they would not be relatives to earth's life, what would the laws looks like? For example if a virus was not related to life tree and has some inteligence and it tried to describes it's model of the world by using it's own theories and aproaches? Are we so blinded our bodies to create these model based on our percieved reality?
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      Interesting. It's entirely possible that an alien population would have a totally different view of reality. My thought is that it would accomplish the same thing, but in a different way. For example, we have language and math and religion as ways of making sense of our observations. And even without our species, there are differences of opinion about language, etc. Aliens might have their own way of communicating that is totally unlike ours. And emerging from their language, they might have their own "mathematics" and "belief systems" that transcend anything we humans could imagine.
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      The laws may superficially be "different" as a result of a greater understanding in an area we are lacking in, and have difficulty perceiving. However, the laws themselves likely wouldn't be different unless we find out in the future that the fundamental laws of the universe and nature actually change over (very long periods of) time. In that case, they may actually experience different laws. Since we can't really say that they change over time (with the exception of during the massive inflation of spacetime during the initial period of the big bang), the laws themselves wouldn't change--rather, their perception of them would be the only thing that is different. So, depending on what you are asking, the answer is yes and no. It appears to be the latter, so in that case I would say yes... or maybe rather yes, it's possible (although not necessarily the case).
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