We all love mysteries.

Consciousness is one of them. But how strong is our desire to crack the code? We still want to know and we won't stop there. Why do we crave knowledge and understanding if we are so quixotic about the unknown? Why do we want satisfactory explanations so badly? Some people wish to perpetuate the mystery of consciousness. Others see its unknown cause as the promise of more discoveries and enlightenment.

Some imply the unknown is more wonderful than the known. But this observation depends on who makes it. The scientist is in awe of the unknown whilst excited about the prospect of more work to be done. One can also say that the more you know the richer the experience ...

For instance, azaleas are pleasing to the eye and remain so even when a botanist comes along to tell us about its evolution, toxicity and symbiotic relationship with bees. Now you know more than what it looks like.

Knowledge does not take away from our initial experience of the plant. It adds to it. Now we have its beauty as well as its background. Experience only got more interesting. If you know its chemical composition, you can be in awe of how the molecules come to produce such incandescent structure.

And one might even daresay: The wow of the known is GREATER THAN the wow of the unknown.