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      In a hologram, I think..
      Originally posted by WerBurN

      ...tho i suppose this was an arguement over heaven/hell to begin with,
      I was reading a book yesterday, and it somehow reminded me about this thread.
      Here is a quote from the book I read:

      Theirs is the misconception that you will not see the Kingdom until you die and go to heaven; that is, IF you go to heaven. This is a false doctrine, according to YAHWEH, for there is no place called heaven and neither is there a place called hell. Your \"heaven\" or \"hell\" are right here on Earth. You create your own situation, and you are either blessed or you suffer for the consequences right here on Earth in each lifetime.

      The Kingdom has already been established, from the beginning, on Orion (the place miscalled heaven). The Kingdom of Yahweh paradise on Earth, however, is not to be confused with some \"heavenly\" place not of this world. It is a physical, literal Kingdom, or government, which will be ruled by Yahweh's people, or Ambassadors, as we call them, under the leadership of the King of Kings and his bride, the Holy Spirit (as we have stated, the Holy Spirit has always been a woman). The Kingdom is a government divinely inspired by Yahweh, foretold by the Prophets, and inherited by those who believe in Yahweh, His Original Laws and commandments and who obey accordingly.
      I am not any expert, but I do think this is a book with trustworthiness, since it refers to other sources in the Bible ,etc. several places.
      It is a free online book, and can be read here:


      The quotation was from Chapter 14; "THE KINGDOM RE-ESTABLISHED".

      If you don't like to read long texts on a computer screen, a PC speak program may be helpful.
      Here is a free speak program that will read up the text for you:


      This speak program works very well,- IMO.

      If this book is right or wrong, I can't tell, but IMO,- it is a book with more trustworthiness than many other books.
      But all and everyone have different opinions, of course.
      Are you dreaming?

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      Re: Do All Good People Go to Heaven?

      First of all, what is our definition of "heaven" and "good"?

      Thus, the neurohormones and catecholamines of the nervous system are released and pour out in uncontrolled quantity. The result, among other manifestations, is the hallucination, rationalized after returning to consciousness, of having died and returned to life. [/b]
      And how does such a result logically follow?

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