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      Differential Destiny

      This is for the consideration of everyone who has a view on what happens to the spirit of a person upon death (which if I'm not mistaken, includes everyone.) I'm posting so that people examine their lives, and for criticism to help me refine the presentation of this idea.

      (I define "differential destiny" as the belief that there are different possible afterlifes people can obtain, more and less desirable ones, and that they are determined by actions or thoughts during life.)


      Things truly are, in all senses, yet to be seen. The only assurance in life is that we can't fuck up too much outside earth. If you believe that things are yet to be seen, you solve problems. If not, you don't. Those who know God... is there anything you have personally experienced (not read, not been told) that suggests that God won't allow humans to become extinct, if that is what we make happen?

      Human extinction is quite the scientific possibility, I assure you. And to ignore it on the belief that God won't allow it to happen is to guarantee that it does happen. The only way to get people to realize that what happens during this life on this planet is what is important, is to get rid of the idea of differential destiny after death. The exact same thing happens to every person after they die, no matter what they did or thought during life. It is not necessary to discount the possibility of an afterlife, but if there is one, it is the same for everybody. There is no eternal hazard to avoid. There is no separation of the sheep from the goats. There is no reincarnation that is determined by deeds in life. There is no hell.

      Your eyes, ears, and brain are as good as anyone who ever lived!! Actually, with the minor exception of some viciously overestimated handicaps, everyone has the same remarkable capacity for direct observation and interpretation of the world around them. But unfortunately, people have the idea that indirect input (that which is written or told to them) is the primary source for truth.

      I check everything I'm told (or read, or tell myself) against direct observation. If something doesn't match what I have observed, there are exactly 2 possibilities. Either I haven't noticed it before, or it's wrong. It's been mis-translated (usually the problem), mis-communicated, something.

      For there to be differential destiny after death would be for everything I've observed about human behavior to be wrong in lieu of what I've been told. I see how and why the idea exists. It's only evidence is 2nd hand (isn't it! ask yourself!). It fails Occams' Razor. It's too easily explained by machination. It comes to us from writings that are said to be inspired by God. Well, I know what God is, he is life and his law is natural selection. He will allow humans to go extinct, just as he will allow humans to further evolve.

      Remember the Cold War. Did God stop nuclear holocost? Did we rely on him to? Do we now? I'll say it again. If we believe things are yet to be seen, we solve problems. If not, we don't.
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