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      Positive thinking

      I was once on a business trip in Frankfurt and was standing in line to get a taxi when two people passed by and I overheard how the one was saying to the other " There is one thing I have figured out in the meantime, sometimes a lot is put on your plate, but life has its ways that you will never be given more than you can handle." I thought to myself that this sums up my thinking pretty well. What I would add though, through all the joy as well as pain that life brings your way, you have a perfect opportunity to heal yourself and your environment and take a step closer to your center of wholeness in the process. Viewed from this perspective, why wouldn't you be optimistic?

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      It maybe says a lot about this section of this forum why your thread gets so little views and nobody replies to your opinion.

      Yet, I like to give it a try..........if we wouldn't watch the news, or if we wouldn't watch violent movies and tv series and are living on the countryside, it would be a lot easier to stay optimistic, on the other hand, we are born in this material world and unfortunately we will die in this world too, with all of our friends, pets and all of our relatives, nobody will survive this temporary material world.
      We will get diseases, we will see others suffer while we are not at that particular moment and thus hoping for a life of inner peace.

      Question is now.......how to achieve a world of inner optimistic peace in this world ?

      That is most difficult, on every nook and corner there is quarrel lurking, sadness, grief and pessimism with depression. On the other hand there is joy, bliss and peace in our lives.

      These dualities are going hand in hand.

      I think that to accept this material world as it is, will bring peace of mind, optimism, I don't know, how can you be optimistic when you know your relatives and friends are eventually going to die ? So I think to endevour for a world of eternalty is the key to your question as why shouldn't we be optimistic.

      And that key is given by spirituality, there is a world of form and a world of void, see it as light and energy, if you would take these worlds of form and light as eternal and as worlds were we could go after we die, without getting reincarnated again to undergo all our karma which has to be executed in the material world whether be good or bad karma, then you have a pretty accurate answer to your question to stay optimistic.

      But who says where we are going when we die ? It's a matter of belief and I think belief is in your heart, and isn't God taking us where our hearts are. So bottom line is that if you love God, than he will take you to the eternal worlds.

      But that is most difficult because how can you love God, and trust God, when your trust has been broken by life itself ?

      Then isn't life God ? Then God wouldn't be God !

      I think it's a most difficult question you are raising here, I think to have faith in God at all times and to love God in all difficulties is the answer to your question and that is the hardest in this material world

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