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    Thread: New Thought Church

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      New Thought Church

      Has anyone had experience with (or even heard of) the New Thought movement? I'm trawling craigslist for roommates right now and one candidate mentioned that she attends a New Thought church. It appears to be basically a New Age movement dating from Victorian times, and I'm a little surprised I never came across it before. In some ways, it seems like a cousin of Unitarian Universalism (I sometimes attend UU services), deriving from but not dominated by Protestant Christian roots and having an interfaith approach, but I get the impression they take themselves pretty seriously on the mind-body healing issue. I can agree with their subjective idealism in principle, but it does not necessarily follow that thinking nice thoughts can reliably reshape reality.
      If you have a sense of caring for others, you will manifest a kind of inner strength in spite of your own difficulties and problems. With this strength, your own problems will seem less significant and bothersome to you. By going beyond your own problems and taking care of others, you gain inner strength, self-confidence, courage, and a greater sense of calm.Dalai Lama

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      Yeah, whenever I see that I wonder if the person espousing it has ever even tried setting themselves a goal and striving to attain it (instead of just sitting around waiting for good things to happen to them). In my experience, it can have some pretty astounding effects.

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      As long as she understands that you would prefer her to use manifestation methods other than positive thought to pay the rent, it could be entertaining.
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