I got reminded of this anecdote from when I was in college. What I like about this is that it shows the willingness of someone to transcend their own beliefs.

A student in a philosophy of Eastern Religions class I took in college told us a true story of her visit to a Buddhist temple in China. The Buddhist monks asked her what she believed in. She said that she had no religious beliefs. Then the Buddhist monks tried to convert her to Buddhism. When it became clear that she was not interested, they tried to convert her to Christianity. She was very surprised at that, and asked why they did that. One of the Buddhist monks told her that it was their belief that having a system of beliefs was preferable to not believing anything. She did not get converted. However, she said that the monks positively surprised her because they did not meet her stereotype of what religious people are like.

Do you have any stories to share of anyone transcending their own beliefs or anyone surprising you because they did not meet your religious stereotype about the other?