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      What a nightmare for A & E. Man was never to eat of the tree of life.

      Man was never to eat of the tree of life.

      I do not think man was ever intended to eat of the tree of life and you will note that nowhere in scriptures is itís lose bemoaned.

      We came out of Eden being as Gods and knowing all that he knows. Godís own words in this myth. They have become as Gods.

      We are then denied the ability to have that knowledge live forever as it would make man stagnate at whatever level of knowledge he had then, or even now if we extrapolate the story to where we are all Adams. Our knowledge continues to evolve.

      The archetypal God in this myth does not want man to idolize his own knowledge as that would stifle progress. We are to perpetually raise the bar and not make an unchangeable immortal idol of what we know. We are to deny ourselves the immortality of our ideas and knowledge. They, like man, are to evolve forever.

      I bet you never thought of this myth that way.

      Can you see it?


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      I remember reading that line once while in basic training, I had never really read the Bible myself before, only been read to. I found it interesting but figured at the time that it may just be error due to translation or something. Intriguing really.

      Maybe it's more like a secret challenge, you could think of it that way I think. Perhaps God really did mean we have become as Gods? Despite the original story telling of an omnipresent and/or omnipotent being, what if that were a fabrication (and I don't mean in the sense most atheists would like to use the word--that's more of an external fabrication, saying ALL OF IT is made up rather than an internal fabrication like I am suggesting) and God originally created his children and perished, the price maybe of creation? Perhaps we too, his children, now as Gods ourselves are destined to create our own children, in our image, and send them out into space to go fend for themselves on a shit-filled planet where they have to find out for themselves (and not simply be taught by another, or rather maybe to have an initial teaching but no enforcement of the teachings... whatever). Haha.

      Your thread just reminded me of going on 420chan in the /dis/ section. About a year ago some guy was so fucked up he posted the most remarkably sensible gibberish you've ever read. Most of it wasn't even words or real words anyway, and most of his meaning was so all over the place and difficult to make anything out of--until you read the end of his post. He was basically on a dissociative fueled thought rage. First spewing off about whatever, then going on more about how humans do such meaningless things. God, me explaining this does not begin to accurately describe how much nonsense and all over the place his post was. Anyway, he eventually got to a point, he finally said something like "and man will make its own new shiny metal child and send it off into the universe now, goodbye spaceson" except not so... able to be read. See, the whole post was unreadable to the point I challenged myself to read the whole thing through. I did, and somehow was not disappointed.

      Knowing man has become as Gods, would it be better for us to end human existence while ushering in a new age for a new "child" we bear? Or should be create that child at all? Should be create our children and remain in contact with them until they are ready to be on their own? Do we hide our existence from them?

      I think God didn't know what he was getting into when he decided to create that which breathes, sweats, bleeds, shits, and feels emotion and is self-aware. Makes me think of like a 14 year old kid knocking up some equally young chick and then the two of them being left with the crazy aftermath that leaves them totally exhausted.

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      Ending as Gods may be what Jesus was teaching all along but that message was not ever taught by the church.

      The thinking shown below is the Gnostic Christian’s goal as taught by Jesus but know that any belief can be internalized.

      This method and mind set is how you become I am and brethren to Jesus.

      When you can name your God, I am, and mean yourself, then you will begin to know the only God you will ever find.


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