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    Thread: DDD (Demon Dog Discussion)

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      DDD (Demon Dog Discussion)

      I just watched Gizedwards' newest video, he is a youtuber who makes video's about lucid dreams and is the person who really got me into lucid dreaming so I have a lot of respect for him. I also think he has a good mentality in the way that he doesn't claim every sleep-paralysis to be just hallucinations but that there might also be something more super-natural going on, short said he's open minded like me.

      However his latest video left me seriously doubting whether it was real or not, I've seen all his video's from the very beginning and honestly would never expect him making things up or lying for easy views, it's just that I can't really put myself in the situation and context he explained in the video.


      Anyway, I'd like to hear some honest opinions on this and if others experienced something similar, I'm not religious but open mined so if you see it as some divine or evil force then I'll listen to it with respect and not put it aside.
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      He never describes the dog, so my first thought is that maybe it was a real dog? The dog never did anything supernatural, and he didn't describe the dog as looking like a ghost. So could of just been a dog.

      Secondly, he said he was having sleep problems. So it is possible it could of been a hallucination brought on by the lack of sleep. Could be a hallucination from other factors as well, like drugs.

      He could be remembering things incorrectly. As in he had a dream about a dog, but later on he remembers the dream but thinks it was a real memory. That can happen some times if you have a fairly mundane dream that matches closely to reality. So in his case, having a dream about walking around town and seeing a dog is something that could totally happen in real life, so it is easy to mix it up.

      As for the dog being evil or demonic, I don't see why anyone would believe that at all. I don't believe in demons at all, but for the sake of argument, lets say they exist. How is looking at people evil? By his description the dog was totally harmless and appeared to be no threat what so ever. So there isn't reason to believe it was evil, even if you thought it was supernatural in some way.
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