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      Looking for volunteers for Ld (experienced)

      Hi, I am looking for experienced Lucid dreamers for a series of experiments. What I mean by experienced is a person who has a Lucid dream a day or every other day. Please person message me if you are interested, with how often you lucid dream and when you can talk (through a chat room). The method to conduct these experiments will be shown later. I am trying to prove if creating physical matter, moving people to the dream state for the awakened state, astral travel, and stopping dream time is possible.
      #1 Stop time for a hour and watch television
      #2 Stop time for 2 hours and astral travel
      #3 Stop time, create physical matter, and astral travel to view it
      #4 remove real life people for being awake to the dream state

      Remember theses are just experiments and may not be possible.
      thank you
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      A bit short but seeing that you at least propesed an experiment which belongs to this subforum I see an shimmer of hope for this subforum. If only all people, including you, would read this before posting: http://www.dreamviews.com/f32/labora...ocedures-6881/

      Don't get me wrong, this might be interesting, but as long as you can still edit the post, can I motivate you to fill us in on some more details as well as making a bit more clear what you're trying to prove and how?
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      I tried creating physical matter but soon found the folly in it. A bar of gold for instance is not just what you see it is also many subatomic particles which make up the many atoms, which make up the many molecules, which crystallize metallically by the tens of thousands to make that seemingly simple gold bar. Not only that but each particle has its own behavior and its own attractions and repulsions. As you can see you'd have to start off creating a subatomic particle, then several, then many (of the right kinds) and arrange them correctly, just to make one atom of gold. Beyond a high tech lab, there would be no way to even tell that you have succeeded. Still I am sure with the right equipment and experts it could be done, at least to some degree.

      I have read of experiments that were successful triggering Geiger counters and other sensitive electronic equipment. Manipulating energy is a first basic step to creating matter.

      I am no longer interested in stopping time or creating matter now, I am now working on accessing, and creating alternate realities and contacting individuals that live in them. I believe that there is a lot more to gain from this than any other experiments I have seen so far.

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