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      New dream state ( For me anyway )

      As a young person, I always had some control over my dreams.
      The minuite I realised it was a dream, I would make the rules. Telekenisis, control of matter, and lots of other fancy powers.
      Too much control over the years made dreaming quite repetative. Bit like a kid in a candy store.
      Then I gave in, and tried to avoid controlling the dreams, so I could once again be surprised by the outcome.
      After joining this forum, and reading dozens of topics, another method of dream lucidity has shown itself.
      I lay down, and relax myself, then wait for a while.
      When random thoughts disappear, and I start to feel drowsy, I roll onto my side.
      I do not actuall move, but try to move my dream body ( Only name I can think of to call it )
      I am then asleep, but FULLY concious.
      I did not fall asleep.
      I did not try to control the dream.
      I simply went from being awake to being lucid.
      Now I have only managed this three times in seventeen days, but each time the experience is amazing.
      Characters in dreams are very real, and often ask me questions.
      They can be frightened by me suddenly appearing, but settle down, once I show no hostile intentions.
      Surfaces have texture that I can touch, much clearer than normal dreams.
      Sight is often diffult, or slightly blurred
      All previous abilities have gone, and replaced with just a few. One is the ability to pass through solid objects.
      Another is to fly, but more like float at will.
      When I decide to wake, I open my eyes, and am wide awake. No gentle transfer, but a sudden change of reality back to this world.
      My body aches like when sitting in the same posisition for a long time, and I then need to sleep properly.
      I am taking this new experience slowly, like a child with a new toy
      I would love to know if anyone has had similar experiences, or can offer some guidance.
      Even links to other threads would be helpful.

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      Hi Phil,
      it sounds like you stumbled upon a special flavor of WILD. I've had similar experiences with seemless wake-dream transition, although I've used a different method to enter the dream. The instant dream-wake transition is also familiar to me. Going through solid objects is my staple dream power, which is available in almost all lucid dreams, even very low lucidity. I also recognize the floating/levitation/sliding power. It's like sliding on a snowboard a few inches off the ground, or jumping and levitating there.

      This may be a different kind of lucid dreaming - during a different sleep stage, when different parts of the brain are active. By reading your technique, it seems like you are entering dream during a very early sleep stage.

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      Before my actual reply:
      This doesn't belong in the research section, for what belongs in the research section read the pinned topics, specifically the LSOP: http://www.dreamviews.com/f32/labora...ocedures-6881/
      This thread would be most fitted for: Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams (WILD)
      Also ok assuming you don't know what a WILD is: Induction Techniques or Attaining Lucidity
      Well I'm not a mod otherwise I would've obviously simply moved the topic

      Indeed what you experienced is a WILD. Probably the best techinque for lucid dreaming, albeit the hardest one to learn and master, didn't do so myself unfortunately. 3 times in 17 days is actually rather good, it looks like it is quite easy to WILD for you, and you definitely should learn a little bit more about the topic. You should specifically visit the WILD section I mentioned above, and maybe read some guides on controlling stuff within your WILD attempts.
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      To both Ev, and StaySharp
      Thanks for the very interesting replies. I have read both your comments several times, and found the information very useful.
      Apologies to moderators, for this thread being in the wrong place. I rarely get enough spare time to read topics, let alone reply to them.
      I will go to the links you have provided, and have a good read. Then post here as to what I have learned.
      Thanks again,

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