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      Since I had many LD's in the recent days, I got a little bored and decided to make some experiments, to learn how exactly my virtual eyes work.

      The first thing, which I already noticed many years ago: in dreams, both lucid and normal, I don't need to wear glasses, and in LD's I can see even sharper than WITH glasses in the real world. Let's say, the quality of my vision is 50% without glasses (an arbitrary value, since it's hard to express the level of sharpness with a number). With glasses it's 95%, and in LD's my vision is perfect - 100%. I wonder, how does the brain manage to do that?

      Now to my first experiment. I wanted to know, if my LD-eyes have blind spots . The result: I don't have any. The field of vision of my LD-eyes is perfect, and even maybe even a little larger than in the real world.

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      How the brain does it: your eyes pick up light and send it in the form of impulses towards your brain. The brain then converts it into vision. This whole process can make you lose a bit (or a lot) of the vividness. In a dream, this process with its loss isn't there, because the brain creates the images, it doesn't form them out of impulses sent to it by the eye.

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