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      Lightbulb Obe Or Wild

      I really want to find out if An obe is exactly like A Wild. But i dnt think ill be able to do it alone seeing as i havent had an obe or a Wild. I hope you guys can simply record your wild and Obe experiences here for me to read ill post mine...i f i have any.

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      Before my actual reply:
      This doesn't belong in the research section, for what belongs in the research section read the pinned topics, specifically the LSOP: Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures
      This thread would be most fitted for: Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams (WILD)
      Since you are asking for some experences this subforum would also work: Lucid Experiences
      Well I'm not a mod so I can't move the topic but maybe a mod reads this topic and would be so kind.

      As for your actual question, there is some controversy if these two are the same or different, or if something like an OBE even exists. As far as I know (also don't have personal experience) a WILD is like the abbreviation suggests slipping into a dream, while an OBE is slipping out of your body, meaning that with an OBE you would be able to see the real world, while in a WILD you create your own world. Even on a scientific basis I think that an OBE might be possible but some people believe it isn't. For more details you'll likely need someone with experience to post, you could also search the mentioned subforums if no one else posts.
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