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      Hi all, micull here

      Life is But a Dream
      In the 1890s, Dr. Mary Calkins and her Wesley College students conducted a major study on sensory images in dreams. They found that visual imagery was presented in 85 percent of dreams, auditory sense in 68 percent, tactile sense in 11 percent, sense of smell in 7 percent, and taste in 6 percent of dreams studied.

      My plans are such.

      Setting: Sterile environment, a hotel room where I work but sleep two nights every week.

      Sounds: At specific times durring my sleep schedule aim to influence my dream state using online virtual alarm clock set to web link.

      Imagery: Silouette black and white images of scenarios I hope to be a part of viewed as a slideshow.

      Smell: Simple perfume since I am man and it goes with the theme I hope to control.

      Touch: Desired fabrics to sleep on or lay next to and or wear.

      Attempted topic post but because of 7 day waiting period introduction of myself evolved.

      I will be searching on how to realize and become aware once in dream state. Or train myself to not be civil in dreams.

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      Well at least someone who did read the LSOP, that's good news. Your experiment also sounds interesting, though unlikely for anyone to join you there.
      I hope to see some interesting updates and results from your experiment soon
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