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      Pain Management in Lucid Dreams?

      There is very little research in this area. We know that lucid dreams can help people psychologically, but what about physically? The International Association for the Study of Dreams has documented a few experiences that LDers have had with pain management in dreams.

      A study was published by the Australian Association of Applied Psychophysiology Researchers indicating "[virtual dreaming] technology improved the pain management across [the mild, moderate and severe pain] groups, as measured by the decrease in the amount of medication required by participants, and in the comfort level on waking (Patterson, 11-13). This study does not elaborate on how or why lucid dreaming might help with pain management, merely the change in pain level.

      I have not found any more research on this matter. Has anyone else seen different research results, or an elaboration in research methods? Has anyone experienced pain reduction from lucid dreaming? What were your experiences?

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      Unfortunately I don't have any experience yet in this matter, and most other people as well it seems, which is probably why this thread stayed reply less for so long.
      It's an interesting topic though, wouldn't mind to see more about this.
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      If anyone, any clinic, any hospital, any alien from a distant Galaxy, starts a study for pain management via lucid dreams I want to be first inline.

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