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    Thread: Tweets from the Dream World!

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      Tweets from the Dream World!

      While both Keith Hearne in England and Stephen LaBerge at Stanford were able to document communication (via intentional eye movements) of laboratory lucid dream subjects to a polygraph in the seventies, and some lucid cuing masks allow for communication from the dreamer back to the standalone mask, communication from a lucid dreamer to the wide world via the internet is a perhaps new thing. On April 22, a sleeping subject, Marjorie Kaye, wearing a Zeo headband (with the desktop unit wired to a computer and the computer streaming EEG data to the sleepstreamonline.com website) and sleeping with red lamp bulb overhead set to flash slowly when REM was detected, was able to become lucid, stay in the dream, and signal back with left/right eye movements to the website—basically a type of ‘Hello World” tweet to the outer world from the dream. The subject’s testimonial follows:

      4/22/2012– “I was in the middle of a dream where I was working as a teacher. I was sharing the classroom with another teacher (he taught history). I am an English teacher. I realized that I was unprepared—no lesson plan,, etc. During my realization, I said to myself ‘This is a dream’ and I made an effort to move my eyes back and forth (as I was told to do before sleep if I became aware that I was dreaming). Apparently, the light flashed, but I do not remember seeing it in my dream.”

      The program logs on the computer and website substantiate her description and the timestamps of the lucid cue (which see did not recall seeing in the dream), REM stage and eye signal.

      Very interesting stuff.
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      Definitely interesting I would be glad to try a device like that

      Hopefully in some years they'll be able to create a device that can show our dreams to the outsiders and even record it ^^

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      This is awesome! I love all the experiments LaBerge does and hope he continues to do more. Thanks for sharing.

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      Time for them to learn some Morse code!

      Who looks outside, dreams;
      who looks inside, awakes.

      - Carl Jung

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