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      Is anyone here from the South West of Australia?

      I am looking to gather some people to communicate through email, an experiment.

      The experiment itself will be abbreviated when I have anyone from this general area interested, as it itself could vary depending on what you vote to be focused upon from a selection. This could depend on what sort of things your interested in gaining from Lucid Dreaming all the way to what sort of personality you have.

      The results will be posted on the forum.

      Post here if your in W.A , South West, or Perth or PM.

      Please refrain from posting any personal information i.e name, area exactly, age, sex... Etc for now.

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      Why must they be from australia?

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      More or less so we can use certain places more familiar to us in the physical to experiment with when we LD. You can participate non the less, if I send out pictures of locations. Although I am more interested on a group of people that for example all know a certain location i.e the bell tower, fremantle prison or something we can choose together. It's all to do with working together in LD, I myself in the physical may place an object to find at a certain location. Although I am looking to do a wide range of experiments. If this gets no interest locally I will make another thread worldwide and use pictures/google maps etc.

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