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      Please, share your birthday dreams.

      I have noticed that my dreams over the years have a certain potency around my birthday day each year. I am interested to find if this is a common thread among dreamers. I would like everyone interested to post their dreams 3 days before or after their birthday. If there is a dream that you personally feel has clarity or feels like a Big dream to you in this time period please state that before you post, and please bold face the parts that feel most important to you in your dream. Here is an example of what would be helpful to me when posting your dream...
      1. Age your turning when you had this dream
      2. Date of birthday ( September 16 )
      3. Moon phase ( if you know if not I will find it for you)
      4. Clarity Dream, Big Dream, Other
      5. What was the dream......
      6. Notes about the dream and personal pack ground info (only post if you feel comfortable)
      Thank you and I'm looking forward to finding the connections!!

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      Date of birthday Nov 16

      Didn't Journal at all during the month of November in 09 and entries that predate this have been deleted.
      0 recorded dreams in 2010

      Generally speaking....I tend to celebrate my entire birth month with beer and liquor....so my recall get's kinda shady around then.

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