So recently i've picked up a few herbs and vitamins to help with my dream recall and the ability to become lucid.. these include Calea Zacatechichi, Guayusa leaf, Mugwort, Meletonin, and 5-HTP. I've tried just about every combination of these herbs now with some very interesting results. Last night i was in a dream that involved a detective pulling me to the side saying he needed to talk to me.. i was in a fast food joint that had a swimming pool in it. lol. Anyway, after walking outside with the detective and his partner i realized i was in a dream and woke up in the dream. Usually when i wake up in a dream i can only stay in it for a short while. However, last night i consciously knew i was in a dream and had a very easy time staying in the dream. What was weird was i noticed sort of a tingling almost uncomfortable feeling in my head while i was still sleeping. While dreaming i thought to myself "maybe its just from using parts of my brain i'm not used to?" I had made tea with both mugwort and the guayusa. i also smoked some celea before bed and took 3mg of meletonin.

My question is has anyone ever had any pain or feeling uncomfortable in such a way after become lucid? I'm not sure if it has anything to do with these substances or if maybe it was me just using parts of my brain that i usually dont. Any input would be greatly appriciated. Thanks!