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      What Supplement / Nootropic Mix really helps (Study/Research)

      Hi to all fellow Dreamers,

      Since some time I am interested to learn Lucid how to lucid dreaming and some 2 years ago I started very actively to do research and self-training to perform during the days as well as during sleep time several lucid dream techniques.
      I have to say that I had also some success with some hand full of lucid dreams within 3 months and quite a lot of dreams which I was able to fully recall.
      However after I stopped the training and the lucid dreaming learning quite fast due to some changes in my work life where I got relocated to the other end of the world.

      However my dream to dream was still there and recently I decided to start again. However apart of the techniques like Reality checks during the day, WILD, DILD etc… during the night and sleep there is another topic which got my attention.

      I got some interest to try to boost the training by using some nootropics / supplements / medicines or however those type of helpers are called.
      I have done some Internet research and I found plenty of reports and people who used those type of helpers with some positive as well as negative results. However the results seems to be mixed and very much depended on individuals.

      While I believe that there can be a universal mix or supplement that can help most of the people I have started myself to experiment with different kind of “helpers” in a structured and organized way with the aim to produce a personal report showing the effect of all the used helpers to Lucid Dreaming.

      I hope that my progress on this experiment will help also other to find the perfect mix for their use as well as help me to find the same.
      For this reason I would like to share the data with you and get your ideas of how to structure the Mix/Stuck and the dosage as well as how to combine the “medication” with traditional Lucid Dreaming techniques to get the best results.

      I will post the daily progress in this forum but before this I would like to explain you the basic structure of the study.
      1. All the nootropics / supplements / medicines “helpers” are catalogued in a database with their ingredients and their weight in terms of mg
      2. Each Evening before going to bad or throughout the day I will take some of those “helpers” in a different combination
      3. After fully waking up I will record the success of the medication based on the following criteria which represents a point system
      • - Refreshness grade (1-5) after fully wake up (Points between 1-5)
      • - Tired grade (1-5) after wake up (how tired am I?) (Points between 1-5)
      • - No of Lucid Dreams (points = No of LD * 10)
      • - No of non LDs recalled (points = No of Non LDs * 5)
      • - Overall personal Rating (1-5) based on sleep quality, dream quality, feeling etc… (Points between 1-5)
      • - Total Rating based on the sum of all on the top mentioned ratings!!

      Once a week I will share with you all the following 3 reports

      1. Which nootropics / supplements / medicines “helper” has the best performance (Sum of the Total Rating points for the days where the “helper” was used
      2. A daily report / graph with the Total Rating points to show the progress on a day by day basis
      3. An overall summary with the sleep time / wake up time as well as some comments of the daily experience including all the mentioned data like ratings and helpers used.

      I hope that this will help other to get some structured feedback of current available “helpers” and how they might be helpful to better Dream.
      Further I am looking forward for your feedback and Ideas of how to improve and structure the experiment in a better way to get the most out of it.

      So let’s start!

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      The supplement / nootropic incen

      Brand Type MG
      Life Extension (PIRACETAM) 800
      Life Extension (ANIRACETAM) 750
      Life Extension (PICAMILON ) 150
      Onnit (AlpaBrain (30ct)) 0
      Onnit (NewMood) 0
      Life Enhancement (GalantaMind) 0
      Jarrow Formulas (Neuro Optimizer) 0
      Healthy Origins (Cognizin Citicoline) 250
      Source Naturals (Melatonin (SR)) 3

      Attached you can find the PDF file with the detail engredients as far as I was able to find the information.


      Here now my Plan of how to combine a mix the supplements


      Find allso attached the PDF File
      Lucid Dream Medicationplan.pdf

      Please let me know your feedback and what you think about the Mix.

      Is the Mix okay or do you think to dangerous or will not work at all etc....
      What is about the dosage aswell as the frequency of the medication. Do you think I should take one or two days break between?

      Best regards


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      Here the progress report up to date!

      Progress report.pdf

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      Progress up to date

      1. Graphical progress

      2. Detailed Rating & Comments

      Progress report 04_07.pdf

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      There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that a combination of Galantamine and Alpha-GPC is the best and most reliable drug to induce LD and I've done years of research now. Thomas Yuschak's book opened my eyes a few years ago and I should think what I've experienced is close to what everyone would.

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