One of the most important things in your arsenal is a dream diary, which will vastly improve your dream recall.
Many beginners do not start one, thinking they can succeed without its help.
Let me ask you. Would you start any complex task without taking a little advice first ?
The answer is probably "No"
Then do not try lucid dreaming without the right start.
A Dream diary is a brilliant first step, so start one.

For those of you who have started on the right path with a dream diary, but are still having problems, here is a simple but powerful tip.

Use a voice recorder, then get the details down in the morning.

A dictaphone, or smart phone app are the best things to use.
Sound activation for the laziest beginner is a must.

When I tried this method I was shocked at the amount of lost data that went un-remembered before.

Even though I thought I had superb dream recall, I did not.
I would switch the recorder on in the morning, and hear myself talking about a dream I had.
Only I did not remember pushing the record button during the night.
Sometimes my voice even sounds a little slow, like the batteries running down on the tape recorder.
The thing is, the recorder does not use tape.

If anyone has access to a recorder, and would like to have a go, you may be surprised at the results.

Check the recorder every morning, as soon as you wake up, and the dreams come back that much clearer.

Word of warning. We forget our dreams for a reason.
This may not be suitable for some people with, lets say, problems.
Only do this if you are a stable individual