Hi guys and girls,

just had the most vivid stable crystal clear lucid dream ever in my life, it was also very long . I already typed the whole thread out but accidentally clicked on a link while tagging. Everything was gone So I keep it short now. This is what I take daily in supplements:

Daytime: (Been taking this for a week)
- Lechitin 1360mg
- Ginko Biloba 60 mg
- Fish Oil 3000mg
- Noopept 15 mg

Nighttime: (Just started taking this yesterdaynight)
- 5HTP 100 mg
- Melatonin 0,5 mg

After 4,5 hours of sleep: (idem)
- Galantamine 4mg
- Choline bitartrate 350mg
- Alpha GPC 400mg
- Aniracetam 350mg

After waking up
- Piracetam 2400mg

This is what I listened to, prior to falling asleep:
- Brain Sync - Lucid dreaming headphones while reading a book
- Source Vibrations - Conscious dreaming while meditating

The dream (went sleeping around 22:30)
There were some spooky elements about the dream at first. My little brother was there also and he showed a lot of hatred towards me. I felt that it was like this in real life (He doesn't really talk to me). I also had an OBE in the dream itself, I was in my room and there was stupid music playing so I decided I wanted to leave the room, I saw a light above my head and a voice said "move towards this light". So I tried it with my arms at first, but it felt like my physical body was moving too! Then I moved with my head, and suddenly I flushed out of my body into a rainy like environment where it was really hard to see anything. I saw just some images. When I got back there was an ugly leprechaun like male figure in my room ordering me to stay in the room. I was like, who the caramel fudge are you, trying to bully me around? I ordered him to leave and started throwing shoes at him. He left and thought I was crazy, throwing my own stuff at him. Then I started exploring the environment. I noticed it didn't really look like my room and I did some reality checks! I tried to fly, but I could float a bit. Then I tried to breath while closing my nose, wich I could. It was so weird! Then I started walking to the room and I saw this beautiful earthlike planet. It was so nice, I opened the window and got outside. Once outside, everything got HD crystal clear and waking reality like stable. It was quite profound. It was very hard for me to fly though. I saw beautiful earthlike planets hanging around in the sky, there were about 5. It was so beautiful!

After this beautiful dream I woke up and couldn't sleep for over an hour. I felt this hatred from my brother still in my solar plexus chakra, and decided to send this energy back to my brother, but not before transmuting it to pure energy again.

Then I got a bit of a nasty dream were someone tried to kill me and eventually killed himself. Good riddance .

The day after
7:45 woke up, kind of tired and groggy. Right now, I'm not tired or foggy at all, maybe just a bit foggy but it will pass after a good shower.

Tonights recipe:
- Huperzine A 400mg
- Alpha GPC 400 mg
- Choline bitartrate 350mg
- Aniracetam 350mg

Well, I'll keep you posted on my experiments! Thanks for reading!