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    Thread: Two new dream studies!

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      Exclamation Two new dream studies!

      Two new studies by Jennifer Windt (philosopher) from Mainz:

      - One English questionaire about bodily experiences in the dream state (dreams in general): Dear participant,

      - One experiment in German about being ticklish (or not) in lucid dreams: Lieber Proband, liebe Probandin,

      Please participate and spread!
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      Nice! We need more LDing studies! They don't make 'em a lot!
      I fill my heart with fire, with passion, passion for what makes me nostalgic. A unique perspective fuels my fire, makes me discover new passions, more nostalgia. I love it.

      "People tell dreamers to reality check and realize this is the real world and not one of fantasies, but little do they know that for us Lucid Dreamers, it all starts when the RC fails"
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