Dear all,

My name is David Saunders, i'm a research psychologist based at the University of Northampton in the UK, I've been running a lucid dreaming project for some time to a closed group of individuals however I am now expanding the project.
This research forms the basis of my PhD thesis which has been running successfully for around 6 months in the Northampton area. With very kind collaboration from the Dream Research Institute (DRI) at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education (CCPE) located in little Venice -London, I am now able to open a branch of the research up in the London area, if there are any users that live within the London area (or Northampton) areas and would be interested please read on.

My thesis overall has several stages, this is the second, and this aspect of the research is using a programme to investigate questions associated with lucid dreaming induction. The programme is looking for any individuals who are 18 or over; generally have undisturbed sleep, are not on any form of medication that directly effects their dreaming and finally are NOT frequent lucid dreamers. A few spontaneous experiences in the past is fine, but experienced lucid dreamers sadly are already too advanced for this stage of the research (however, if you are a frequent lucid dreamer and would like to get involved in some research to help support our understanding of the benefits of lucid dreaming, please do contact me as later stages would very much welcome your experience).

The programme itself is a 12-week lucid dreaming induction course, utilising a customised, combined induction technique of a series of methods which have all been shown as effective in the past, plus a few tweaks I have personally added. There will be four physical meetings hosted at the CCPE over the duration of the 12 week period, these sessions will be group sessions hosted on Friday evenings. There will be some personality and perceptual assessments at the first and final meetings of this period (a few forms and a perceptual task) to help get a clearer picture on the relationship of these characteristics to lucid dreaming.

The overarching aim ultimately to provide individuals with a free, relatively non-disruptive structured course, designed specifically to improve their chances of achieving lucidity. Aside from contributing to our skills in making the lucid dreaming experience more accessible to people in general, the least a participant can expect for taking part is a deeper familiarity and understanding of their own dreams. The most, developing the ability to lucid dream frequently, anyone who is interested please feel free to contact me on here and I can provide more details and answer any questions.

Thank you very much for your time guys, its greatly appreciated.


David Saunders