I keep having these dreams with the exact same setup:
I'm doing a lot of running and lot of climbing and free running for about twenty or so minutes, until I finally get to a platform that's somewhat high up, but not enough to where it's dangerous to jump. There's someone at the bottom (it's always a friend) who's encouraging me to jump, but for whatever reason I can't bring myself to do it. It also might be worth mentioning that each dream had to do with an event that would be important if it happened to me, but didn't actually happen in real life. In the first dream I was going to London which would have been my first time out of the country, and the second dream was me in my second year of high school (I'm a freshman). Another thing that might help is that throughout the dream everything is very fast paced and excited and has a lot of action, until the final point of me on the platform where everything is quiet and all you can hear is being breathing heavily after being out of breath and my friend's voice echoing as they are encouraging me to jump.
If anyone has any idea what this kind of dream might mean, I would really appreciate it.