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      Question Falling asleep with big headphones

      Hey guys, i was just wondering. How many of you find it difficult to fall asleep with big headphones on? I'd like to listen to sleep tracks with Binaural Beats in them, but obviously those won't work without the big, over-ear stereo headphones. Any tips?
      PS: Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, it's been a while.

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      I'd invest in some good marshmallow headphones if you sleep pretty soundly and don't roll over a lot.

      Ones like this usually cost between $15-25 and give you some great sound quality, especially if you listen to music with more bass in it. They're noise-cancelling, so if you have to be able to hear things going on they can be kind of a pain, but that's not really their fault. They also expand in your ears a little bit so they fit rather snugly in there and aren't all that prone to fall out.

      I know you asked about big headphones but I just don't think they're that realistic/feasible to try and sleep in.

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      An acoustic noise cancelling headphones like Bose Quiet Comfort 20 may be a good choice.

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