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    Thread: Possible audio induced lucid dreaming

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      Lightbulb Possible audio induced lucid dreaming

      I was going to make a post about nicotine patches and vivid dreams because that's what I experienced. Anyways, before I posted, I thought I'd give it a search and see if its been discussed, which it has. I wonder if caffeine patches might yield a similar outcome w/out the risk of getting horribly addicted. Anyways, in the post I found someone was discussing ZME and nicotine patches, I still have no idea what ZME is but it lead to a search which lead to this article about specific frequencies and lucid dreaming.

      I'm unable to post links so search for "lucid-dreaming-electrical-trigger-042342" (zme science)

      I had read some time ago about the use of alternating current stimulation at certain frequencies producing a much higher number of reported lucid dreams in test participants than control. The article above suggests 40hz may be the key.

      Then I searched simply 40hz and found another curious blog regarding someone subjecting his wife (who has Alzheimer's) to an hour of 40hz per day, and he reports her becoming mentally clearer. Then he lists some medical research studies, and well here's the link.

      Again, can't post links yet but search for "Does listening to a 40 Hz tone" and look for the blog.

      This would require testing of course but I don't have a quality subwoofer capable of producing low distortion 40hz sound.
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      We ran some amateur experiments trying to reproduce the 40 Hz findings:

      You might be able to produce 40Hz with stereo headphones by sending different sounds to each ear with a 40 Hz difference between them:
      The Hemi-SyncŪ Process - TheGatewayExperience.com
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      I haven't been able to find headphones comfortable enough to sleep with. As far as I'm aware, the stereo binaural beats thing that creates a 3rd tone with the difference is an auditory illusion. I want to create a standing wave of pure 40hz tone in my room with a high quality woofer. I read into that post you linked, I believe it may be possible if it can make humans and mice with Alzheimer's more lucid. The blog I referenced lists several MIT studies and their findings.
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      Hello Spacewizard! 40Hz is also refered to as "Gamma" brainwaves.

      If you want to have any effect from this you must use headphones/earplugs whatsoever.

      But, you can get it produced to "Isochronic" tones, which you can perfectly use on a speaker.

      Basically isochronic tones are single tones that come on and off at regular, evenly spaced intervals. This interval is typically brief, creating a beat that’s like a rhythmic pulse. They’re often embedded in other sounds, such as music or nature sounds.

      Please do let me know if there is anything else I can guide you with. I produce alot of tracks tuned to frequencies and which I infuse with different brainwaves(alpha,beta,delta,gamma,theta and epsilon). Also got alot of tracks with isochronic tones(typically 10Hz and 4.5Hz)

      Some info about the Gamma Waves(which will range from 25Hz to 100Hz, 100Hz is the peak also known as "hyper-gamma-waves":

      - Gamma brainwaves are the fastest measurable EEG brainwaves, and have been equated to ‘heightened perception’, or a ‘peak mental state’ when there is simultaneous processing of information from different parts of the

      - Gamma binaural beats are shown to positively affect our memory, and can even slow certain medical conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

      - Gamma waves are associated with peak concentration and high levels of cognitive functioning.

      Here's a link to one of my creatings, which I have tuned to 432Hz and infused with 40Hz Gamma waves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HJwRtn8Owk&t=25s
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