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      Post Survey study: Personality and lucid dream frequency/application

      Dear fellow Oneironauts,

      I am currently collecting data for my bachelor's project on personality and lucid dreaming. I am specifically interested whether certain personality traits (Big Five Personality Dimensions) are significant predictors of lucid dream frequency. I am also investigating whether there is a relationship between personality traits and lucid dream application (e.g. having fun).

      I need a sufficient number of participants to draw any meaningful conclusions from the data. Therefore I would be really grateful, if you could spare five minutes of your time and take part in my survey!

      Clicking the link below will take you to my survey on Qualtrics. It's pretty concise and won't take you long. The survey is also completely anonymous, so none of your private information (IP etc.) will be recorded:


      Your help would mean a lot to me!


      P.S. In case you have a question regarding my project, feel free to ask me in this thread or send me a dm!
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