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      Forum RP Games (Post Your Character Profile Here)

      Section 1.2: The History of the Forum RP Games (In-Character)

      The multiverse is a big place. I mean really big. Amazingly impossibly huge is what I’m trying to get across here. It’s basically infinite. But there’s one universe that very few people know about, and that even fewer know how to get to. It’s nigh-impossible to find this universe unless you know exactly where it is, or unless you stumble into it by accident. For most people who come here, it’s the latter. People who wander the multiverse, particularly those who like to fight, occasionally end up here. It seems as though this universe was made specifically for the purpose of having people fight there, for the worlds are all uninhabited, yet there are structures on some of them. At the same time, the worlds vary so wildly in size, climate, terrain, and such fundamentals as gravity that anyone can find a world that maximizes their capabilities. There is only one quality that they all have in common, and that is that those who die in battle on any of these worlds are revived the next day, ready to fight again.
      But that is not the oddest thing within this universe. That would be what’s in the center of it. Everyone who ends up here arrives in this building, a massive architectural wonder. Some time ago, four young adults who had entered this dimension set up their home in the then-abandoned building. Why? Because they, like almost everyone else who enters this world, were looking for a home, and all love a good fight. And so the Arcane Arena begins anew…

      Section 1.3: The Facilities

      Within the center of the universe known as the Arcane Arena floats a structure, a rather unique structure at that. A massive architectural wonder of metal and glass, this structure is the entrance point for all who come across the Arcane Arena. From without, one would see a gigantic clear dome half a mile in diameter with a cone extending from its bottom, like a tremendous ice cream cone. Where the cone meets the dome - that is, at the base of the cone - four smaller spheres, each a good quarter of a mile wide, are attached. One has a clear roof like that of the main dome itself and oriented in the same direction, directly facing the sun the entire structure orbits around.

      If one were to look down through the clear metal of the dome into the structure, one would see a central lounge occupying the majority of the central dome, surrounded by a steel-floored ring. Lining the ring are hundreds of doors, each containing a set of living quarters appropriate for one or two beings. Regardless of one's race or preferences, they could find a room suitable for them after a little bit of searching. The temperature within the entire structure is moderate, at a level comfortable for most beings.

      Along with the quarters, along the outer edge of the ring are four wings labeled in each of the cardinal directions. Within the west wing is a variety of machines for training with both energy-based and physical techniques in-between fights. From a shooting range to old-fashioned weight trainers, the west wing's got it.

      The east wing houses medical facilities. A solid mix of magical and technological healing is available here, allowing fighters to recover extremely quickly from even the most serious of wounds. Living constructs can be repaired here as well, but pure machines will be better served by going to the south wing.

      Within the north wing is a large garden; this is the sphere that has a clear dome overhead to enable the plants within to get sunlight. A variety of plants can be found in here, and they help to oxygenate the entire complex. While this is not entirely necessary, it also serves to provide a retreat for those who are more at home in the wild.

      The south wing is to machine users what the west wing is to those who rely on swordplay, for it contains a variety of labs and smiths. Extremely advanced technology is available here, allowing for both the upgrading of existing machines and the construction of new ones. Repair facilities are also here, capable of servicing any robotic fighters as easily as the east wing can heal living ones, as well as fixing or reforging damaged weapons.

      Below the central lounge is a wrought iron staircase leading into general amenities, such as food. Generally speaking, it's simple to find fare from one's home world, and if worst comes to worst one can make it himself, assuming one has a modicum of cooking talent.

      One of the odder things one would find as one wandered through the complex would be a series of warp chambers that would allow one to move quickly throughout the facility if they didn't feel like walking the half-mile from the east wing to the west wing, for example. A larger transporter is in the center of the lounge; from here it is possible to reach any of the worlds in the universe, or even outer space should one desire a battle there.
      This brings us back to the lounge itself. As the primary recreational area of the Arcane Arena, it is furnished with a variety of couches, chairs, and tables, in addition to the monitors that are positioned all over the place. These, when activated, allow someone to view any fight occurring in the universe from a variety of angles. One could easily go to the world in question and get a front-row seat of the action, of course, but depending on the collateral damage being displayed by the fighters in question, it could be a matter of practical safety to simply watch from the lounge.

      Section 2.1: What is the Arcane Arena?

      That's up to you. The original function was for people to be able to duel each other in a less restrictive setting. There is a plot slowly coming into focus as well as interaction outside of battles between characters. You can never fight a single duel if you want, though doing so would be to miss out on a core part of the experience. My goal is to make this into a full-fledged RP centered around a massive string of duels and out-of-battle discussion, but it’s up to you to make that happen or not.

      Section 2.2: The Rules of Conduct

      Should two people decide to fight, PM each other to decide the location of the battle. Try to pick worlds that put neither player at a serious advantage, unless one player wants a disadvantage for some reason. When a location is chosen and the terms are set, create a new topic on the main board.

      Fights can be to the death or until one player surrenders, or until some other term is met. Tournaments may be organized if the players so desire. Other than that, you’re free to do whatever. Have in-character discussions, train, watch other fights, whatever you want to do. Just have fun.

      People can either go straight to the Arena, sign up, and start playing, or they can sign up here first to get feedback before they start.
      Section 3: The Sign up Process

      Username: Your username. Put any alts you might use as well.

      Email/Contact Information: Yeah, how do I contact you? IM address is optional, but email is a must.

      Name: You have a name, pal. Hopefully it’s not an adjective followed by a noun.

      Race: Human, elf, orc, dragon, crystalline construct in a human form, what? If it’s a race people aren’t likely to have heard of, describe it.

      Age: In human years, please. If your character is ageless, how old does he/she look?

      Description: I want height, weight, eye color, hair color and length, build, clothing, the works. Put in as much detail here as you possibly can; I want to be able to envision your character.

      Personality: You have one of these too, I hope. Yeah, this thing’s important. Amnesia is bad; so is the strong silent type, generally speaking. Put in at least a good paragraph.

      Abilities: What can you do? Are you a pyrokineticist? Can you fly, turn into a dragon, what? Are you a magic user, a swordsman? Speed, power, defense, what’s your focus? You can develop new stuff as you go, but list all your starting abilities. Note that it’s a bad idea to state specific techniques; I don’t want to see a list of attacks here. If you have electrical powers, don’t say “Thunder Dancer: Creates a homing line of electricity. Blue Bolt: Summons a lightning bolt from the sky.” or anything like that. Say that he is capable of manipulating electrical energy. On a more fundamental level, he has control over electromagnetic force through a quasi-conscious, intuitive manipulation of photons, and can thus amplify any electrical source and focus it into bolts of lightning. Drawing power from any electrical source, even the air, is easy enough, but in space his only option is to draw on his own bio electricity, which thus drains his energy at a much faster rate than in a terrestrial setting. Oh, but I’ve got that one already… This gives you much more versatility and makes your character’s attacks less stale than doing the exact same technique with the exact same telegraphing every single time.

      Weapons/Equipment: Weaponry, mechanical enhancements, Swiss Army Knives, all that stuff goes in here. If it has any magical powers or enhancements, list them. Again, these things can upgrade, but what’s your starting stuff? Gunblades, Keyblades, buster swords and the like are out, plain and simple. You make a guy dual-wielding any of those, you die on the spot.

      Biography: What was your life prior to finding the Arcane Arena? Amnesia of any kind will take a damn good reason. You can be from anywhere, even another RP if you wish (but in those cases you need a good reason to suddenly be here). Solid two paragraphs at least, but don’t make a ridiculously long bio either. If it takes more than a post or two just to do the bio, you’ve gone too far.
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      Into the Arcane Arena enters Azure...

      Name: Nathaniel "Azure" Trabor
      Race: Human
      Age: 25

      Description / biography:
      Technically standing at 5'11, this slender 150 lb man, with short cropped, wiry, brown hair takes the art of visual deception to unparalleled heights

      At first glance, you may be inclined to describe young Azure as roughly dressed
      and indeed, most dismiss him off-hand as a mere peasant without so much as second thought

      however closer inspection reveals our subject is clad in highly practical, well fitting, yet heavily worn garments
      Made of irregularly patched leather underneath a lightly waxed cloak, the truly observant may see them as a sort of social camouflage
      able to blend seamlessly into the surroundings, whether that be a bustling town thoroughfare or atop a dusk-lit rooftop

      You don't get the chance for a second look,
      where he was, there is now no-one
      yet, you are sure he never moved

      Had you to describe him to any authority, your first mistake would be to estimate his height somewhere around 5'6
      for Azure adopted a effotless, and above all highly convincing stoop whenever circumstances called for his actions to be witnessed

      "Yes constable, definatlely 5'6, and about 190 lbs I'd say. Dressed in rags. I'm sorry, I didn't see his face clearly. He did have blue eyes though. piercing blue eyes, like two bright blue emeralds amidst the unpenetrating darkness of a moonless night sky"

      Indeed, non but his victims could ever hope to accurately describe his features
      and they had more pressing issues at hand.
      Like the knife sliding across their unguarded throat
      but had they enough time to contemplate such trivial matters
      they may have wondered about the gold chain around Azure's neck
      and why, afixed to this chain, a used bullet hung, contorted and malformed, as if it had been retreived after some deadly impact
      So strange a decoration for a man who wore no other kind of jewelery about him

      They say the last image a dying man sees is forever captured in his eyes
      That couldn't be two blue specs in the victim's pupils, could it. And another, fainter, gold spec below them?

      Truly, a law unto his own
      Professional assassin, killer for hire
      The law was something that happened to other people

      Driven by the demand for his services, Azure harboured no ill feelings towards his victims
      only the knowledge that his employer at the time wanted someone killed
      and he had been asked to perform the service.
      Business, purely business

      Had he one flaw, it was the undying urge to avenge the death of his sister
      shot through the heart for reasons still unknown to him
      his only clue, the bullet, damaged from the impact as it ripped through her body, and embedded into the wall of his former childhood residence. Yet, as if by a miracle, clearly visible, the initials "C.J.B" etched into the bullet's base
      His only clue, his only real personal possession
      He swore to find this C.J.B and make him pay

      Concealed within his leather clothing, on either side of his body, two unique knives
      Kept in pristine condition, these ivory handled instruments have acutely curved blades, aiding in rapid sheathing and unsheathing
      for it was only amateur thieves that stabbed with knives
      professionals slashed
      from the top of the handle to the tip of the blade
      one sweeping action would leave a thin groove three inches deep
      severing arteries, neck tendons and windpipe with a noise like silk draping across soft skin
      and resheathed
      then the heart, doing what it does best, beats for the final time
      pumping a thin shower of blood into the air
      Job done.

      Two smaller throwing knives are strapped to the outside of his boots, used mainly when outnumbered, to even the odds
      Other equipment is used when necessary
      but purchased on a job-by-job basis, when the need arises
      the knives are the only constant companions
      (\_ _/)

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      So I guess this is like the character sheet page? I'll slap mine up here then.

      Username: Spamtek... yeah.

      Email/Contact Information: [email protected]; AIM - Antifinger

      Name: Anica "Swish" Tusser

      Race: Homo Sapiens Sapiens - Female Human from a trivially alternate earth

      Age: 25

      Description: Anica stands about 5'7", with a relatively pale, indeterminately germanic complexion. Her hair is a very dark brown, appreciably curly and usually kept free-flowing a little lower than shoulder length, and she has color-matching amber-almond eyes. Her face, and frame in general, lies on the heavy side of normal - she's stocky enough to not get blown away by the breeze, about 150 lbs, but not chunky by a long shot. Personally, she'd call herself "well-rounded." Joke about it and your black eye will figure out pretty fast that it's not fat she's packing on those arms of hers.

      Anica arrived at AA by complete accident, and before showing up here she lived a normal, modern earthling-style life - or as normal as her life could be given her unique talents. Right now she isn't wearing anything stupendous: a baby-blue sweater, dark gray-brown cargo pants, black sneakers, and an extremely well-worn black leather jacket that she's had for years and years. She never bought into the whole jewelry thing, so she goes unadorned.

      She has a distinguishing scar on her left shoulder, a result of her falling from a tree when she was seven years old and landing upside-down on an incoveniently placed rock. It doesn't give her magical powers, or a thirst for vengeance against her father's murderer or anything cool like that - it just, you know, happened.

      : Anica is unsure. Her baseline personality typically runs towards hesitancy and skepticism, and while she has (had) friends and does (did) typical friend things with them, she is far from an extrovert in any way. She is amicable and congenial to those she knows and trusts, and sports a no-nonsense attitude towards most of the rest of the world - plain answers, simple conversations, honest explanations. If left to her own devices she will think, consider, and vacillate between decisions, rarely coming to a solid conclusion about something unless forced to by time or circumstances. She is apt to retreat from confusion and conflict, thinking to leave them to more decisive, more capable people.

      But sometimes Anica finds herself pushed into situations she can't get herself out of, needing to become an active participant in order to get out of her own messes: in these instances, she tends to find that she has more ability than she wants to let on. Cornered into acting, she adopts a mantle of what she herself once called "bewildered, exasperated certainty": She doesn't know what she does, or why she does it, but something deeper than her conscious self pushes her through her fear and turns her hand to action, usually action she would never have even though to do under normal circumstances. Simply put, when put under stress Anica becomes somebody else: unthinkingly and aggressively sure, calm in the face of even the most daunting adversity, acting with a resolve beyond her means to understand. (Reluctant Hero complex, anyone?)

      And then she gets over it and wonders what that was all about. She spends her normal hours trying to forget about it and instead being the quiet, unassuming creature she always means to be.

      Anica likes cats, watching bad soap operas, stuffed animals, and doing girly things with her friends... but also harbors a secret passion for computer games and karate (she's a purple belt! She took the initiative after a creepy experience with an ex-boyfriend in her late teens). She is also, inexplicably, a fairly accomplished boy scout, for reasons involving parental coersion and, you know, inertia.

      : The origin of Anica's ability are covered below, in her biography. The nature of it, here:

      Anica is gifted with a form of planes-travelling she fancifully refers to as Schismancy, or casually just as branching and collapsing, or if she's joking around, just gardening (This universe had Borges too! how cool is that?). Current scientific theory in quantum mechanics suggests (or at least it damn well does for the purposes of this character bio) that whenever one comes to a crossroads between several actions, such as a coin flip or a decision to cross the street, that both or all outcomes actually occur, each one branching away from the potential of the moment into its own parallel universe. These parallel universes split away from each other uncountable times every second, on infinite amounts of ever-diversifying planes in a complete fractal nightmare.

      When a normal person comes to a crossroad (as he does every moment of his life), he gets copied into every branching universe, but his consciousness stays anchored to only one of them - which isn't to say that there aren't conscious versions of him in those new universes, but that they too have no awareness of their alternate, branching selves. We feel as if we are living linear lives, yet in fact we are simply blind to the myriad amounts of undone actions that manifest themselves in parallel planes all the time, all around us.

      When Anica comes to a crossroads involving her own decisions, she can choose to take two roads at once (or more, theoretically) in order to find the most advantageous route to go down. She splits her conscious awareness among two or more different bodies as they each perform different outcomes of a single choice, and then she crushes her consciousness back into one of those bodies in one of those universes.

      For instance, say someone swings a sword at Anica, and she happens to be holding a shield. She's not certain where the blow will land - so she branches herself down two different resolutions to her conundrum: in one universe she blocks high, in another, low. The high block works, but the low block doesn't, and she gets a slight cut in that universe. From the two different universes, she then collapses back into one body, choosing the one in the universe where she didn't get cut.

      Branching is incredibly taxing on Anica's mind. How long she can hold herselves apart in different universes, and how many of herselves she can hold apart, all depend on how taxing, distracting, confusing, etc. the situation she's branching through is, as well as her mental clarity at the time she does it. If something traumatizing or shocking happens to her (like sudden pain) in one universe before she can anticipate it and collapse out of that plane (or into, as the case may be), it can destabilize her attentions, potentially collapsing her down into or out of that universe against her will. If Anica isn't concentrating very well, she can also accidentally branch down paths she didn't mean to take, which can be a problem if she doesn't collapse out of them before something inexplicable happens to her there. Since literally infinite amounts of possible (however improbable) outcomes arise out of each choice of hers, she can find herself branching down absolutely inexplicable courses of actions, like fudging a branch down which she flips a light switch, and finding herself hovering three feet off the ground instead, or shooting fireballs out of her eyes. This doesn't mean that she can branch herself down inexplicable pathways all the time to give herself superpowers, though: if she can't conceive of how to do the action under normal circumstances, then she can't consciously branch herself down that path. Lack of concentration will result in personally devastating and inescapable consequences much much more often than consequences that end up favoring Anica's survival (simply because there are many more states of the universe that don't support human life than there are that do).

      Anica has had the ability to branch for almost eight years now, but for much of that time she has tried to forget that she has the ability. When she was younger and more reckless she put herself into harm's way several times using it, and usually managed to just barely escape it using the same talent. She's only ever used it in the context of combat a few rare times at karate classes, where the dizzying kaleidescopy of fighting in dozens of different bodies in different configurations and successions left her completely frazzled. She may soon have to learn how to better handle herself in the heat of the fight, though.

      Equipment: Anica has little on her person. She has her clothes, her wallet, car keys, and a swiss army knife, none of which offer her any appreciable amount of utility in a combat setting. She is decently proficient with a variety of weapons thanks to her martial arts/boy scout background, any of which she could certainly stock up on in the Arena's facilities. She has little to defend herself with but intuition, the luck of being in fairly good shape, and her branches.

      Biography: Anica grew up in the northern plains of Minnesota, on a version of earth whose physical laws are much more malleable, where magic, psionics, and other paranormal phenomena occur often enough for most people to accept that they exist, but not to the point where they're commonplace or commoditized, and definitely not predictable. She spent her formative years in a cold little 'burb called Fairham, living in an upper-middle-class household with a spacious yard and good old authentic Minnesota farmland all around. She had a mother, Donna Tusser-Huyman, a father, Michael Tusser, and a brother younger by two years, Christopher Tusser. The family was fairly typical, supportive and loving, with her father doing boring but profitable government work and her mother a stay-at-homer.

      She had her clique of friends, did well in school, and aspired to be a veterinary practician from an early age (she likes kitties, after all). She had a particularly strong relationship with her brother, and the two rarely did anything that the other wasn't at least invited to, several times, incessantly. Chris himself was a "cool nerd," one of those versatile kids who managed to be both assertive and extroverted while busying himself with things like books and role-playing games, and had a dopey sense of humor that Anica could always rely on to put her in a good mood (he was a good foil to her impersonal quietness). Life was stable, and good, and altogether a fine thing to be living, despite the occasional depressive moment (breakups, dead pets, the usual).

      When Anica was age 18, her brother vanished. Officially the police investigation turned up no clues, but evidence was left: Anica discovered a cryptic note under her pillow the day he went missing. The message was short and confusing:

      Originally posted by note
      Anny, I don't get it either, but I have to go. They need what I have. You've got it too, and they'll come calling for you eventually... I know they will, and we can meet again when it's your time up, that's what they said, I trust them. Just be safe until-

      I have to go
      now. I'm sorry.
      Anica didn't have to wonder what her brother meant by "it" for long, either. Just weeks after his disappearance she began experiencing her first, inadvertent schisms - just tiny breaks in existence, little flashes of alternate reality that stopped her in her tracks and looking at a situation in disbelief, because hadn't she just seen something different than that happen? Years went by, and she pined for her brother to return (he never did) while slowly learning how to use her freaky new ability. It occurred to her, although she had no evidence for it, that using her craft might somehow bring her brother back to her - or at least bring the "they" he mentioned to her sooner rather than later. In college, she got a little too carried away practicing her schismancy and getting herself into sticky situations, and her grades slipped enough that she failed the prerequisite tests needed if she ever wanted to practice veterinary medicine. That opportunity lost to her, Anica became turned off to her power, disgusted at what it had made her forget about her life - what she actually could have obtained, rather than what she just wanted to imagine she could obtain (finding her brother, become a superwoman, etc).

      (It was here, before she got disgusted with her power, she got her nickname, "Swish" - one of the few friends she ever dared to explain her power to, and a fellow martial artist, gave her the name after going a round against her while she schismed. "Jesus christ, Anica, you were just - you... just, like, swish! and I was down on the mat! That's incredible!")

      She stayed in college just long enough to finish a throwaway bachelor's degree and got enlisted into a corporage schlock job: her life was meager, but she had friends and enough money to afford necessities and a few extravagances, so she was happy enough. She tried to forget about her ability, which she considered an annoyance and a sordid reminder now, although her diligence with it in her college years had worked it into her instincts to a certain degree; for instance, if she tripped on the sidewalk she would find herself branching without even thinking about it, sorting through alternate realities to find solid footing again.

      It was during one of these involuntary branches that Anica hit a snafu, and completely lost herself to reality as she knew it. Walking down a flight of stairs in her shared townhome in the dark, late, late into the hours of the morning, Anica misjudged a step, and began falling out of control. She branched, and branched, and felt herself twisting through darkness and knew that no alternate reality she could switch to would give her control over this situation, and braced herself breathlessly for impact... but nothing ever came. She found herself floating in darkness, and knew something was wrong.

      Seconds later, the Arcane Arena torqued into her viewing angle. A metal ice-cream cone. And she was floating, in every dimension she could think to schism to, right for it.
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      Username: Kromoh

      Email/Contact Information: [email protected] (same email for MSN messenger)

      Name: Kromoh Tawinaraj (if it is okay for the name to be the same as the username. if not, PM me and I'll change it)

      Race: Naeth
      The Naeth are a relatively small group of humans, that used magic to change their physical characteristics, in order to make them more adaptable. These warlocks used their magic powers to enhance their inteligence, and to have proficiency in using magic. Apart from that, they are just like any normal human (including physical strength, appearance etc)
      The Naeth had a single objective in mind: achieve immortality. They would do anything to achieve that. And such thing made them hateable to all humans, so they were banished from most human settlements. After that, they build a secret city, in the depths of the hotest undergrounds; a city of stone and magma: Tradja. The city was protected by a neverending labyrinth, which was too complex for human minds to get through, therefore protecting them from unwanted guests.
      They did only leave their city at night, mostly because it was easier to execute their plans when it was dark, but also because their eyes were too sensitive to sunlight.
      They mastered dark magic in order to try to achieve immortality, but still couldn't make a human immortal. The best they had done so far was lenghtening they lifetime.
      Through their research, they found many secrets of magic, all collected in a huge library, the known Naeth Magic Library.
      They are still working their evil plans to achieve immortality, and then, raid all the human settlements they were banished from.

      Biography: Kromoh was born to be a rather warm-hearted person; something quite unusual between the powerhungry Naeth. He spent his childhood confined in Tradja, the magic underground city, learning the secrets of magic.

      When he completed his training, he was given his first mission; in which he failed, for he refused to harm an innocent girl. When the Naeth got to know about it, they felt angry and ashamed: how could a Naeth simply refuse to harm someone? It was against their nature.

      Kromoh was condemned to death; but he ran to surface before the warlocks could kill him. From that day on he swore not to use dark magic again, and spent his upcoming days exploring that new world, the world of surface.

      Age: 48 (the Naeth have a longer life span)

      Description: Has about 1.80m and 75kg. Is rather skinny, results of focusing on developping magic skills and forgetting about his physical body. His eyes are brown; his hair is dark brown, with some grey here and there, being it long. Has no bear nor mustache.
      Usually wears black or grey clothes, covering his entire body, only showing his face and his skinny hands. Is always using a dark hood or hat, mostly to protect his eyes from unwanted sunlight. Carries a bag made of really old leather on his back, holding unknown magical inventory inside.

      Personality: Quite peaceful, and likes to watch the simple things of nature. By having spent his whole life in an underground city, knows little about people, society, technology and so on. Can also be rather childish (48 years old is young for a Naeth. Apart from that, knows a lot about magic; though he mostly refuses to use dark magic abilities.

      Abilities: Magic. He is really experienced with magic, by having learnt all the secrets about Magic the Naeth have found. Still, his strongest magic is for sure dark magic; but he refuses to use it, saying it's unnatural and harmful. Not using his strongest kind of magic leaves him quite weak in a general aspect. Also, he has quite a disadvantage when dealing with machines, as he has no knowledge over how they work.
      He doesn't need to sleep, as the Naeth have enough control of their superior minds to rest one part of the mind while the other is aware.

      Weapons/Equipment: He carries a necklace on his neck, which he uses to cast some specific spells. His bag is filled with several strange magical artifacts. He does also have a rod, but since it casts dark magic, he refuses to use it.

      I moved the biography so that you could understand better his description
      if you don't like any aspect of this character, just tell me and I'll change what's necessary

      PS: I like to keep a bit of mystery on my characters.. therefore i didn't write much of a long biography. I can extend it if you want to

      Saying quantum physics explains cognitive processes is just like saying geology explains jurisprudence.

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      My Character

      Im sorry but its incomplete, ill fill in the Bio., Dis., abil and Pers. soon, i just wanted to get this down before i forgot. Thanks.

      Username: HyperNova

      Email/Contact Information: [email protected] (same email for MSN messenger)

      Name: Nakito Yanosuke (The name of his body (explained below)), his real name (name of his original body) is unknown and doesnt matter. Also, family names do not exist in the empire and so the last name is the clan you belong to.

      Race: Demon
      When a human dies he is split into three parts, his body, his Spirit and his Soul. His Spirit enters the Overworld (Heaven), his body remains in the Living World and His Soul enters the Underworld.

      However, it is not always as simple as this. The soul - having a lack of identity - gets restless in the Underworld and may break into the Living World (as it the pathway between the Underworld and Overworld) in search of its Spirit. Although, a soul - having no physical form - needs to have a body in order to enter the Living World and so (unknown how to all) will steal an empty shell - a body withough a Spirit or Soul - and enter it, disguised as a human, searching for its Spirit forever.

      The body, which is inhibited by a "dead" Soul, is known as a Demon. A Demon at first will look like a normal Human, and should be able to blend in if it comes to a city, town or village. However, if the Demon feels threatened, it will use its body to its highest potential and kill with no mercy. If that is not enough, the Demon can even change its body, growing extra arms or becoming a grousem and disturbing horror which looks barely human.

      A Demon is not evil, it is not good, it is like an animal, all it cares is about its survival, it doesnt (usually) think as a human will.

      Demons are harder to kill than a normal human. They do not die from blood loss or death of a vital organ and will not even flinch from a decapitated arm. The only means of killing a Demon is by completly destroying its body - usually fire, "magic" weapons or an explosion. Once the body Demon is destroyed, the soul will instantly be vanquished as well with the body.

      Biography: It was a cold and dark night when the Soul discovered a body, an empty shell free of feelings, hate, worry, fear or passion....

      Age: 17 (age of body - the age of the soul is unknown)

      Height: 5'9"
      Weight: 135
      Eyes: black
      Hair: Dark Brown, covers eyes unless moved away from face: (basicly this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Tetora.gif)
      Home village: Makitono Empire;Yanosuke Clan; Mitsuki Province; Aska Village.
      Family: NA
      Friends: Masumi Yanosuke, Koji Tatsuya


      Weapons/Equipment: He carries only two objects:

      Katana (Blade length: 31.5", and handle length: 12") A beautifully crafted blade, its handle pure black with red markings. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katana

      Wakizashi (Blade length: 20.5", and handle length: 7") A simple blade with a simple black handle.

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      I thought I'd put a character profile down in case anyone wanted to take her on. She's still a work in progress, so I'll try to update her when I can. I also have little notes about her all over the place, so I have to find them. As a note, names are First and Last.

      Username: Amethyst Star

      Email/Contact Information: [email protected]

      Name: Taifa Ijara

      Race: Human

      Age: 14

      Height: 5'7"
      Weight: 112
      Eyes: White (blind)
      Hair: White, a long black braid that reaches her legs
      Hometown: Minan, Konohakagure (For those who know what that is, I just use the setting, but not the time. I only use some of the characters.)
      Family: Father - Jen Ijara, Mother - Aiko Ijara
      Instructors: As trainee: Onnato (last name unknown/undecided) and Shava Kito; As Genin: Anko Mitarashi

      Personality: She has a very quiet and gentle nature and prefers to remain in the background unless facing a problem. She deals with problems head-on and often takes charge in difficult situations. Being blind, she has learned to be very perceptive and under Onnato's tutelage, she learned how to ask questions to gather as much information as possible from those around her, particularly her teammates. People often find this annoying, but to her it's absolutely necessary and she's not afraid to speak up.

      She also has a very sacrificial nature to the point that she will unquestioningly risk her life for those she seeks to protect. As a Jonin, on a five-day hike into the wilderness with new trainees, most of their water was lost in an encounter on the second day, a long ways away from Konohakagure, and there were no rivers nearby. Taifa gave all of her water away and by the time they returned, she was close to dying. She is, though, intensely loyal.

      Physical Appearance: When she becomes a Jonin (which hasn't happened yet), she will wear the typical jacket with the scroll pockets (see picture 1), but for now she wears a long white jacket over a long-sleeved light-blue tunic shirt, tight dark-blue pants, bandage wraps around her shins, and dark-blue zori. She also wears a dark-blue turtle-neck with white pants, white boots, and an embroidered white robe (picture 2). She always carries a wooden cane painted dark-blue with four black stripes and the insignia of the leaf village on a metal plate that acts as a grip.

      Strongest Chakra points: Over the heart and in the middle of her shoulders along the spine
      Best Jutsu: Summoning (birds); Guardian Angel Jutsu/Light Blade (explained below)
      Strengths: Advanced physical senses; hand-to-hand combat
      Weaknesses: Blind; best jutsu require a lot of chakra, often causing her to black out afterwards; sacrifical mentality; water and shadows

      Weapons/Equipment: She carries standard ninja weapons, including kunai and throwing stars, but is learning how to use the Naginata. Her cane is also made of a very dense wood and she is proficient in using that to protect herself and others.

      Guardian Angel Jutsu: Taifa has another interesting aspect of her life which no one really understands. She is the host of an angelic spirit who is capable of taking over her body and performing a powerful jutsu. When a friend of Taifa is in danger, this "second nature" takes over and initiates the jutsu. Light then gathers to her as darkness grows apart from her, pooling primarily at her back in the shape of wings. The light becomes so strong that in her attacks, it forms a sword of light that can not be countered except, perhaps by the Chidor (lightning blade), though it has not and can not be safely tested.

      Due to the nature of this jutsu, Taifa is temporarily able to regain her sight. There have been two instances where this jutsu was initiated, causing Taifa to now know the appearance of her instructor and teammates. Also, when the angelic spirit is in control of Taifa's body, Taifa is no longer conscious at the time and has no idea what is going on. As of yet, she doesn't even know that the presence of danger to others is what triggers the jutsu.

      The Guardian Angel is not an extremely powerful jutsu and it's greatest benefit is that it usually gives her teammates time to fight back or escape, often to bring additional help. Once the situtation is deemed "safe," the angel releases the jutsu and owing to the amount of chakra required, Taifa is usually drained and must take time to recover.

      Biography: I have a whole story that I'm writing, but I will try and produce a condensed version at some point in time. I've actually grown quite personally attached to Taifa and rather like her

      Pictures (sorry about some of the quality)

      Picture 1: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y23...s/S6301541.jpg

      Picture 2: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y23...ings/Taifa.jpg
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      Character 2

      This is my futuristic character now. Again its not complete, but i will manage to complete both characters soon.

      Name: Sate Natsumi

      Race: Human

      Age: 28

      Occupation: ReiKon Solider from Ship 3 of the NOVA FLEET.

      Date Of Birth: XX/XX/XXX


      ReiKon Pistol: Discription: Medium sized handgun, Ammo/power: Small ReiKon Battery, Added Function(s): Laser Sighting

      ReiKon Rifle: Discription: Medium sized rifle, Ammo/power: Medium ReiKon Battery and Granades, Added Function(s): Removable Grenade launcher function and removable scope

      Tacticle Knife: Discription: Long sharp knife used for any situation, Ammo/power: NA, Added Function(s)

      Helmet (Standard with ReiKon Armour): Discription Black helmet covering whole head (including face) with Visor, Ammo/power Small ReiKon battery fitted in back of helmet, Added Function(s) When Helmet is switched on Visor becomes total black from outside but can be seen through from inside, Visor equipped with scope, Option of Visions (Normal, Heat, ReiKon, Bio-sight), HUD display with remaining power and temp.


      The NOVA FLEET contains 4 (used to be 5) immense Space Crafts each powered by ReiKon Energy. The origin and mission of the NOVA FLEET has been lost for centuries, this was the latest log which contained any information regarding the FLEET:

      Captain XXXX of the NOVA ship 5

      Im going to hide this Log when im done; hopefully it will reach one of the other ships eventually, if not too late.
      It has been 6 weeks since we lost contact with the other ships...

      (((A creature or what ever emmerged from the ReiKon Core and destroyed the ship internaly. Finish!!!)))

      The 4 ships of the NOVA FLEET each have a ReiKon Core. ReiKon is the energy that poweres everything in the ships...

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      E-mail: [email protected]

      Character name: Mercutio (assumed name)

      Race: Human

      Age: 32

      Country of Origin: Unknown

      Description: Mercutio isn't the average soldier. His face appears normal from the right hand side, however were you to see the rest of his face you would notice that the left hand side is hideously scarred; the skin is red and raised, the eye missing and, most terrifying of all, part of his cheek was blown away leaving his mouth open in a skeletal grimace. Were you to look even closer (if he let you come that close) you would find that he is missing several teeth in that side of his face, but that those remaining were a pristine white. He also wears an eye patch to protect his eye socket from dirt and dust. He has short brown hair that refuses to lie flat and a permanent five o'clock shadow on his good cheek. The hair on the left of his head is patchy and thin. His remaining eye is a dark brown, almost black.

      Mercutio is six foot two, and well built. He isn't overtly muscular like a body builder, instead he looks powerful, as if he could wrestle with a bull, and win every time. He wears an odd mix of miltary clothing. Merc wears a navy blue trench-coat made of a thick cloth; on the shoulders there are epaulettes that indicate he was once a colour-sergeant. It looks as if it has been heavily worn, but cared for all the same. Underneath the coat (which is often buttoned up) he wears a crisp, clean white shirt. Next there are black military trousers; again these look worn but well serviced. There is a tear on the right knee that has been sewn up carefully with black thread. He has a pair of black leather boots (also army-issue) that reach up to his shins. They are well polished on the toes. Most importantly (to him anyway) he wears a blue-grey cowl around his neck that he frequently draws up around his face, except when eating and drinking.

      Personality: Mercutio is distrusting of other people and speaks with a slur, due to his severe facial disfigurement. He walks in the shadows, hiding himself away, which he does surprisingly well for a man of his size and stature. He’s very easily angered and will do anything to exact revenge on those who wrong or betray him. He has very few scruples and aligns with the person with the highest salary quickly.

      Abilities: Super-fast reflexes. Those who know a little about the human biology will know that a reflex reaction does not go to the brain for a conscious decision, it instead goes to grey matter in the spine which makes an unconscious decision to, generally, move your body out of danger as it is far quicker than having the impulse go all the way to the brain and back. Imagine though if you could combine the speed of a reflex reaction with a conscious decision to do something; this is what Mercutio can do. Countless times his super fast reflexes have saved him from death. The only problem is that he can only act upon things he is aware of, this means he can be caught off-guard just like a normal human being. It is unknown how his reflexes work, although it is most likely that Mercutio’s synapses between the neurones are slightly different allowing the electrical impulse that is travelling along the nerve to be transmitted instantaneously, as opposed to there being a slight delay between the transmission causing slower reactions.

      Weapons/Equipment: On his back he carries a rifle with a high-powered scope which is hung on a sling. It is single-shot and takes some time to reload, however it is extremely accurate and well-made, ensuring that Merc can hit long-range targets with the ease of a professional. Concealed in his sleeve is a small hunting knife with a five-inch stainless steel blade, it is razor sharp. Merc is currently training in how to use this as both a defensive and offensive weapon against sword blows etc. He is also trying to improve its accuracy when thrown; Mercutio still has some way to go before he considers himself adept with the knife though. He carries extra rounds for the rifle in his trouser pockets.

      Biography: Mercutio started his career in the army. He worked his way through the ranks quickly, infamous for his hate of incompetence and the punishments that swiftly followed them. One day, Merc was fighting in the Middle-East. His squad was attempting to capture a small settlement of about seven or eight buildings. They were systematically working through them, encountering no resistance. However, this changed when they came to one of the buildings. It appeared normal from the outside, it even appeared normal when they were inside as well. Merc and his team came to one of the final rooms in the house, assuming it would be empty. They performed the usual routine when entering an unknown room. One of the men would stand to one side and open the door; another would fire as soon as the door was open. As it happened, Merc was the soldier who was stationed in front of the door. The door was flung open, Mercutio could see a person inside. The person made a barely audible click noise. Merc realized that this was the sound of a trigger being detonated. He tried to dive out of the way of the ensuing explosion. He was too slow. Merc’s face bore the worst of the explosion and the shrapnel that came with it. Anyone else would have surely died, due to Mercutio’s lightning reflexes he survives to this day.
      After the incident Merc was a changed man, he realized that he no longer cared which side he was on. He quit the army and became a private bodyguard. His employer soon realized that Merc was wasted on that job and asked him to perform an underhand assassination of a business competitor. Ever since then Merc has been completing more and more “transactions” with great success.
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      Kyp Degal

      It has come to my attention that my previous profile somehow got messed up, so I"m just re-posting it here. Though, it may be a better idea for either Squall or Ame to create a new sticky topic just for profiles. In my experience, that works better.

      Anyway, it was much more in-depth when I first posted it, but unfortunately I did not have the presence of mind to save that version, so I have to pull this from another site where I also use this character.

      Username: Man of Steel

      Contact Information: [email protected] or AIM: Westley Janson

      Name: Kyp Degal

      Species: Human

      Age: 22

      Alliance: Kyp allies only with himself, and his friends.

      Weapons: Kyp carries a variety of weapons about his person at any given time; one can never be too careful. Among these are a modifiable-spectrum, tri-phase lightsaber, a Merr-Sonn custom heavy hand blaster, SoroSuub custom paired hand blasters, vibroshiv, and his favorite ranged weapon, a heavily modified DL-44 heavy blaster pistol.

      Spacecraft: For general transportation and the occasional dogfight, Kyp maintains a couple of spacecraft. A modified X-Wing and a YT-1300 Corellian light freighter/transport, named the Fred.

      Clothing: Kyp wears typical pilot/civilian garb, mostly black, dark, or drab colors, sometimes with long black cloak, and a utility belt with a myriad of assorted pouches and equipment. His boots are nerf leather, worn, but well-kempt.

      Appearance: Kyp is 1.8 metres tall, with dark blond hair that is just long enough to brush against his collar, brilliant blue eyes, and an average-to-lean build. He weighs
      about 165 lbs, and is handsome in that distinctly Corellian way, with a charming lopsided grin. his features are weathered beyond his years, a testament to his hard life.

      Companion: A very intelligent vornskr named Indiana, aka Indy, whom Kyp raised from a kit, accompanies Kyp most places.

      Personality: A bit of a loner, Kyp nevertheless gets along well with others, especially women. He is a born charmer, and has a carefree, happy-go-lucky nature. He is confident, a bit cocky, and perhaps too headstrong, which can get him into trouble sometimes. Lately he has learned to think before he acts, but he still has his moments. He is a great fan of witty remarks and commentary in a fight, always using humorous digs to put his opponent off.

      Abilities: Kyp is, or was, a Jedi Knight. With this comes the usual skill with the Force, and then some. Because he does not necessarily adhere to the rules of a Jedi, Kyp can make use of some of the darker aspects of the Force. He sometimes treads a dangerous line, but he has never quite fallen to the Dark Side. He has access to most of the normal Force abilities, including, but not limited to: telekinesis, which he utilizes in many ways; a healing trance; the ever-useful Jedi mind trick, which he doesn't really find all that useful; the usual distraction techniques, used to make the opponent think they heard something from a certain direction; and, of course, great skill with the lightsaber. Kyp prides himself on his mastery of lightsaber technique. He is also a practitioner of several hand-to-hand martial arts.

      Kyp prefers to use the Force as a defensive tool, because of the advantage it grants him against his opponents.

      Bio: Kyp was born on Corellia, in a small town near Kor Vella. Orphaned at the age of 15, he doesn't speak much about his past. All that is known is that he joined Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy, stayed long enough to learn all he felt he needed, then left to be his own man. Since, he has become a bit of a free-lance smuggler, raised a vornskr from a kit, and made quite a name for himself throughout the Outer Rim.

      He is reputed to have had some contact with the Chiss in the past, but it is unclear under what circumstances. Constantly on the look-out for salvage from large capital ships, he hopes to repair his cloaked ship on the border of the Unknown Regions. He had a recent disappearance of several months, what happened during this time is unknown, but it wasn't good. He has returned hardened and colder, less merciful to his enemies, and stronger in the Force.

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      Username: Oneironaut

      Email/Contact Information: [email protected]

      Name: Blayne DeShardz

      Race: Human

      Age: Roughly 28

      Description: Height: 6'2", Weight: 190lbs. Hair: Blonde. Eyes: Blue. Build: Mesomorphic - toned and muscular, but with a slender frame.
      Concept Pics:

      Personality: Blayne, above all else, has a good heart. He is the type that hates to see the weak being taken advantage of, and the strong abusing their power. He is a family man and holds his wife and son very close to his heart. He is a bit of a romantic but can, depending on who he is talking to, be seen as quite cocky or challenging - though usually in a light-hearted sort of way. Outside of conflict, he has a very childishly playful, and mischievous, sense of humor.
      His is, however, a professional killer. As a vampire slayer, since childhood, Blayne knows how to switch off any sort of emotion which is not useful on the battlefield, or for his survival, at a moment's notice. He is extremely focused and methodical, thorough and tactical, when in serious situations. He has no tolerance for bullshit, and quite the nose for it. An enraged Blayne, does an army make.

      Abilities: Blayne is both a strong telepath and telekinetic (as far as humans go). He was introduced to the abilities as a teenager and spent many years away from home being trained in the 'arts,' as a way to better match up against the stronger vampires that he'd devoted his life to killing. Using his telekinesis upon his own body, he can run as fast as his mind can envision his sprint, making him no slouch in a footrace, to say the least. He has recently began developing the ability to fly, again, using his TK, but this is very hard for him and drains his energy much faster than staying on the ground, because it is a constant effort. He is pretty good at splitting his focus to use more than one ability at once but, again, this is not easy and is most effective for a limited duration.
      Aside from that, he is versed in a few spells that allow him to expel ultraviolet light, by intensifying a dormant bioluminescence and mixing it with the UV rays that his body absorbs throughout the day. A number of these spells are often very intense for him, and he tends to use them as last resorts.
      Lastly, he is an extraordinary melee fighter. Trained, since about the age of 4, in a number of martial arts, including; ninjutsu, judo and tae kwon do. He is an effortless swordsman with a cat-like agility, and his many years of experience, in battle, can be counted as an 'ability' in and of itself.

      Weapons/Equipment: Blayne's weapon of choice is a single katana, which he usually carries in an upside-side down sheath, on his back. Given to him in his teenage years, it was fortified through an incantation, by the 'monks' who had trained him in TP and TK, and can stand up to the solidity of the most dense of man-made metals, while remaining remarkably light, in his hands. At his side, he usually carries a belt full of sleek, silver stakes and an emerald green longsword with the inscription of both he and his wife's names upon it, given to him for their anniversary. As a two-handed sword, and one with sentimental value, he will only use it when tactically necessary, but it is a very effective weapon.
      At one time, he wielded an automatic weapon, a firearm from the future, given to him by a fellow hunter, which had been fitted with a cache of bullets with ultraviolet tips, however, this was lost in battle, years ago. Also, at some times, he can be seen wearing a green and black throwing disk, slung over his shoulder - given to him by a Yautja warrior as a token of respect, after having been hunted by the alien warrior and fighting hard enough to force the Yautja to concede defeat.

      Biography: As a pre-teen, Blayne had already entered (and won) numerous point-system martial arts tournaments, quickly building a reputation - infamous to those who were jealous of such skill at such a young age. He'd come home one day, after being away for months, training, to find his house ablaze and his entire family slaughtered by three vampires that wanted nothing more than to punish him for his reputation and for having beaten the vampiric son of the leader of the trio in one of the tournaments. Blayne's father died at his feet, his little sister being, literally, torn to pieces. Already somewhat skilled with a sword, he was able to off one of the vampires in the group, but failed to save his mother when they flew her into the nearby forest, young Blayne rushing in after them, father's sword in hand, but arriving too late - finding his mother left, bleeding to death, beneath a tree. She had time for but a few words, before dying with her son in her arms.

      Since then, Blayne had devoted his life to ridding the world of the vampires that prey upon those weaker than them. It took him time to grant pardon to those that simply feed, but do not kill, but he learned to accept is as simply their nature and turned his attention to those that kill simply because they can, or consider it sport. After years of training, he'd come to a land called Eden and frequented the lion's den (so to speak) - a savage place, appropriately enough, called the Vampire Tavern. There, he not only had countless battles with the most fierce vampires (among other, equally arrogant demons and beings of all races), but ended up meeting his to-be wife, Breanna. After their son was born, the three of them continued to frequent the tavern, both Breanna and their young son developing in the new 'family tradition.' The number and natures of the adventures they'd had there are practically incredulous.

      Most recently, after spending his first night at home with his wife, in months, Blayne had been framed for cheating on her, by a vampiress well-known to them. Breanna ran out on him and, after learning the truth and having a short skirmish with the vampiress and her lover, Blayne tracked his wife into the haunted woods of a land called Avalon. Before he could get to her, she was met by a charming demon named Asmodeus, who offered to bring her in out of the cold and give her fresh clothes, as it was the dead of winter, and she was wearing not more than a nightgown and cloak, having run out in the heat of an argument. Feeling dead inside, she agreed and came with him to his castle. Blayne followed their tracks to this house, where he was confronted by Asmodeus, after hearing Breanna's scream while nearly falling from one of the towers, trying to escape the demon who had taken her in and obviously had no plans on letting her go. As tense as things were, Blayne avoided conflict and simply talked his way into gaining entrance to the house which seemed to be a living entity, in itself. As he went inside, all attempts at telepathy were blocked, and he could feel the house as this over-bearing presence with a telepathic prowess that seemed to dwarf his own. Moving through the hallways, he eventually found Breanna who had been stricken into a state of open-eyed hallucinations by the house, which turned out to have a female spirit and was jealous of Asmodeus's having taken this new woman in. Breanna was wandering the hallway, like a zombie, stuck in her mind, in a whirlwind of nightmares.

      He found himself able to dive into her mind, fighting through the haze of her hallucinations and trying to reach her, subconsciously, and wake her up. In doing so, he'd run into Breanna's alter-ego - a demon entity that took over her body, periodically, and that they thought had been disposed of, long ago - and gained control over the visualization that the demon was beginning to stir within. Just when he'd reached Breanna's conscious mind, and was prepared to propel both their mind's back out into the physical world, the House of Asmodeus - which had simply allowed Blayne telepathic leeway, long enough for him to lose focus of the physical realm - shut the door on their telepathic escape, plunging them deeper into their collective subconscious and taking their minds through a sea of darkness, seemingly, to another location, light-years away.

      Having no idea where they were, or how they'd gotten there, the had arrived at the Arcane Arena...
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      Johnathan "Deep" Blackwater

      Thought I'd make another, quite different character.

      Username: Man of Steel

      Email/AIM: [email protected] / Westley Janson

      Name: Johnathan "Deep" Blackwater

      Race: Human

      Age: 23

      Deep stands 6'1" tall, and weighs 195lbs. He is well-muscled, but not beefy, with wide shoulders and a lean yet cut build common to sailors. His long, dark hair is partially braided into dreadlocks, with colourful trinkets woven in at places. Small silver hoop earrings pierce his ears. He has a goatee, with two beaded braids under his chin. He wears a large faded red and blue bandanna on his head, holding his hair back from his eyes, and a tricorn hat over it. His clothing varies, but usually consists of a once-white tunic, linen drop-front breeches, faded blue waistcoat, brown frock coat, and a leather baldric, with tall leather boots.

      Personality: Deep is a happy-go-lucky individual, always cheerful, even in the face of impossible odds. This is in large part due to him being almost constantly drunk. However, though often inebriated, he is easy to get along with, not easily angered, and has a great sense of humour. He has no illusions of romance, and is a bit of a womanizer, but he is never unkind to women. He is a pirate in every sense of the word, though. He has burnt, pillaged, and drunk his way around the seas, and is always on the lookout for treasure, women, or rum. Somehow he has the innate ability to make women instantly adore him, though this unfortunately only lasts until he inevitably lets them down. Deep tends to just let things occur as they will, and think on his feet rather than invent grand plans. He is extremely good at quick thinking, despite the amount of drink he consumes, and is sarcastic and witty. Dirty jokes are his forte. He is verbose, very preservative of his own life without being cowardly, and always willing to gamble.

      Abilities: Deep is extraordinarily lucky. This has saved from far more tight spots than skill has. However, he is also a highly skilled swordsman, and has never lost a knife fight. He can make a weapon out of pretty much anything, and excels at dirty fighting. He is not afraid to gouge an eyeball out or bite off a man's ear. He also has a very ken sense of direction, and a bit of a seventh sense. He seems to know when something just isn't right, and what to do. He has no special abilities, just his intelligence, luck, and swordfighting skill, as well as a being a good shot. He does, however, have powerful friends, in many places.

      Weapons/Equipment: His weapons are too many to number. Deep carries no fewer than five pistols about his person at any given time, as well as his cutlass, which is enchanted to never have to be sharpened and never break. He is also armed with a long dagger, a small carving knife, a small crossbow with explosive quarrels, several throwing knives, a pair of matched fighting knives of his own making, and a few grenades. He carries powder and balls for his pistols, and a quiver of quarrels for his crossbow, as well. He also carries a large-caliber musket on his back. He also carries assorted equipment, such as a container of matches that will never empty, lengths of string, an unfortunately quite normal compass, and a telescope that is magically enhanced. He keeps these and other items in a bottomless leather satchel slung over his shoulder.

      Biography: Deep was born in the small seaport of Ter'Aviu, to parents rich for that area. When he was nine years old, the town was raided by a pirate crew led by Captain Robert Dread. He was shanghaied, and put to work as a cabin boy. He gradually climbed the ranks aboard the ship, and was first mate at only eighteen. Before he could enjoy his promotion, a small band led by Fray Figgins, the jealous former first mate, put him overboard on a deserted island. After finding a hidden stash of liquor buried on the small island, Deep drank himself into a stupor and found himself hallucinating of sea turtles. After two weeks, still soundly drunk and living on fish from tidal pools eaten raw, he was found by a Royal Navy ship.

      They proceeded to clap him in irons, as he was recognized as a pirate, and take him to the nearest port for lockup. Once there, safely in a cell, he managed to escape by luring the dog with the keys close enough to grab said keys. On the way out, he stole the local head honcho's yacht, and disappeared into the wild blue yonder. Sometime in the next five years, he came to know a number of powerful enchanters and mystics, fought in several wars, formed his own pirate crew, lost said pirate crew, lost his ship, got another, formed another pirate crew, was double-crossed, losing his ship, marooned on yet another deserted island, this one with no rum, and stumbled across a portal through time and space which led him to the Arcane Arena. He is now somewhat bewildered and bemused, but as always, plans to make the best of it.

      He was last seen betting on Kyp Degal and Mercutio's fight.
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      Breanna DeShardz

      Name: Breanna DeShardz

      Race: Human

      Age: 27

      Height- 5'5
      Weight- 120
      Hair : Brown
      Eyes: Ocean Blue
      Build -Slim/Slender

      [Edited by Oneironaut: as the poster's edit button doesn't seem to be working]

      Personality- Breanna simply has the heart of an angel, however she can be just as evil as the devil should things begin to go wrong. Her heart lies purely with her husband Blayne and their son. She is also very much romantic at heart, doing small surprises for her husband, always letting him know how she feels. Blayne has seen her good side, her bad side, her not so much herself side and a side that was not herself at all.
      She is however the daughter of one of the most powerful Darkheart’s, therefore learning basically on her own how to be independent, with having a father who completely controlled everything her Sister and Brothers done.
      Breanna tends to get embarrassed by her husband who can be childish at times and just completely cause her to think she was meant to raise him along with her son, but in all truth her and her husband have raised each other to be the ones they are today.

      Abilities: Being the daughter of a Darkheart, she inherited the ability to control the four elements, earth, wind, fire and water. With this she can cause many things to occur, especially within a battle. Also, she carries a stone around her neck, giving her the ability to cause her body to vanish and appear in another place. She is also very well versed in different spells and incantations. Also having a husband who is gifted in many areas, she has picked up on many of his moves, the mind set he places himself in and knows how to give him a run in a battle.

      Weapons/Equipment- She carries nothing with her, with someone of her power, who would? If worse comes to worse, she can always ‘remove’ her opponents choice of weapons.

      Biography:Her younger years were kept secretive by her own choice. Only her brothers were suppose to gain the powers their father had, however she was an exception and gained the powers and more. Days watching her brothers fight against one another to prepare for their own battles, she would sneak away for hours at a time, testing her own abilities. Once her father turned cold hearted, not that he wasn’t somewhat before, she began to plan her escape from the Darkheart Family name. Her father had prearranged marriages for herself and her sister and that is when Breanna took it upon herself to disappear.

      Months later, she worked as a simple, normal person serving drinks to the patrons at the Vampire Tavern and Inn, where she met her husband. She hid her Darkheart name for many reasons, mainly to forget the past, but upon meeting her husband and watching his battles take place against the evil creatures of the night, Breanna felt the need to protect herself one dreary night, therefore her powers were released, causing yet more of a commotion. On top of ticking her husband off from not knowing, she also gave her father the lead way to find her.Once Blayne got past the fact Breanna held in secrets from him a battle came forth between her father, brothers and herself and Blayne. The battle almost caused her death as well as her husbands.

      Upon the battle ending and her father losing his life, he cast a spell upon Breanna, leaving her to be haunted inside by a spirit of a female, an evil side, some would say.The spirit took over Breanna once and Blayne saved her, but deep down, somewhere in the depths of Breanna, the spirit rests and waits for its return, only this time it wont be so easy for Breanna holds a secret from her husband that the spirit will use against him at her own benefit.

      One night of passion led Breanna into another world, a darker world, upon thinking her husband had betrayed her causing her to leave him....This drew her to a dark land where she met a seductive demon who took her in, took care of her and led her yet towards her death.

      Now, with Blayne coming to the rescue the manor played mind games with the two leading them to the Arcane Arena, where their lives will never be the same. Secrets will be revealed and a spirit risen once again, but who will hold out?
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      The Weak and the Wounded

      Email/Contact Information: [email protected]


      Race: Human

      Age: Looks 25-Real age unknown

      Description: 6'6, 13 stone, Grey eyes, Waist length black hair (VERY STRAIGHT), Slim build, not muscular whatsoever. Feminine, clear face, flawless. Wears a smart, trim black suit, shined black shoes.

      Personality: Boyleef hates everything and everyone. When he can afford to he will avoid contact with people and animals, In their company he burns inside. He hates himself for what he is, human. When it is required of him he can be charming and polite, however his hatred is merely hidden. He realises how pathetic his hatred is, but cannot stop it happening, fueling him to hate himself further.
      He feels himself to be superior to everyone intelectually and physically and hates ignorance more than anything.

      Boyleef Is incredibly intelligent, and is trained in the workings of the mind. He has no concern for money or materialism[other than his own appearance] whatsoever, and has all but destroyed any sexual desire or love within himself, by self-cleansing.

      Boyleef is very appearance concerned and views himself as near perfect visually, he hates having dirty clothing or otherwise looking bad.

      Boyleef has realised long ago that there is no good or evil, and so believes himself to not be evil, or good, simply a process.


      Boyleef mainly concentrates NOT on his attack but his defence and the removal of the foes means to attack, or the foes rational mind itself.

      Boyleef's prime ability is the manipulation of hatred and anger within his foe, causing them to uncontrollably attack without thinking or even pausing to cast spells.

      Boyleef, in previous years fought using evils summoned from his hatred itself, however he never does this anymore due to bad experiences. His fighting technique is far more minimalistic.
      He has since measured out his technique and now concentrates equally, if not more on defence rather than attack.
      He has toned his abilities with a katana to frightening levels, and relies solely upon this single weapon. Secondarily however he has self mutilated his fingers, tearing out his original fingernails and replacing them with razors [detailed below].
      Defensively he has developed a complete control of anger and the effect it has on objects, and henceforth, if ever a foe attacks with rage, anger or hatred Boyleef can immediately manipulate the weaponary being used when it comes within around ten metres of him, outside of this he cannot control anger.
      Not an ability as such, but what Boyleef takes to strongly, is talking to a foe mid battle, trying to cause hatred within them, or simply messing with their mind [nothing supernatural, just simple words [[hannibal lecter style]]], which he can use to his advantage [as detailed above].

      Boyleef has the massive disadvantage however of very occasionaly breaking down in self hatred mid-battle and falling into tears.

      Biography: Boyleef originally came from the universe of our own, earth. After nuclear war and pollution earth became uninhabitable, in the late stages of the 22nd century. Humanity left earth to colonise a nearby star system similar in nature to the milky way. Here many human colonies were set up on a number of habitable planets, the central of which was called "Terra".
      After another inevitable war, but with a rather different dimensional enemy, Humanity was all but destroyed.
      The surviving traces on Terra were without leadership or even technology anymore, and they began to start again.
      Around 200 years later Terra had become a far more functional place. Very medieval in nature, with few out of place hi-tech gadgets, recovered years ago. No-one really remembered where they had came from, and memory of the great war and original earth was lost.
      This medieval new world was split into three main states, that of Florian (In league with surrounding nations of Marlborough, Allak flau), Inkflor, which is split into Inkflor and Outer Inkflor, and finally Helnor, a frozen country to the south-east.
      Boyleef was born to a small family in south east mainland Florian, where at the age of 2, during the first [of two] Floro-Helnorian wars, he witnessed his parents slaughtered by Helnorian troops ruthlessly. After this event he attended an orphanage in Harloph [capital city of Florian] for fifteen years, until the age of seventeen. He was, throughout his youth and teenage years socially vibrant and incredibly popular amongst other teenagers [especially girls].
      At the age of 17 he left the orphanage and began a career in politics, working for senator Gorad in The Summit [the central governing body of Florian]. Here he developed a brilliant tactical and social knowledge. By the age of 19 Boyleef was personal advisor to senator Coke [inadvertantly named after unknown remains from a forgotten era. DON'T LAUGH.] who was the main senator to Harloph, and a high standing official in The Summit. It is rumoured that it was around this time Boyleef began Investigating the mythology of Terra, and collecting rather dark objects, left by the war-force that so nearly wiped out humanity.
      By the age of 21 Boyleef was elected offical Senator to Harloph, and ran for leadership of the summit later that year..
      By this time rumours had spread of the dark things Boyleef practiced in his Harlophian penthouse and a number of resistance groups sprouted up around the country in opposition to the election of a character of this nature. The foremost of these resistance groups were the Green-coats.
      Two weeks after Boyleef was elected Ultimate Senator to the Summit Of Florian, war broke out. The Helnorian government knew all too well of Boyleef's past and his strong anti-Helnorian leanings and took the initiative of invading Inkflor. Florian quickly responded and soon there was a second all out war. During this war a small band of heroes [so it is rumoured] fought their way to Boyleef and defeated him on his personal skyship over the Helnorian ocean. The Florian government re-elected the previous governor, Ignant, and the war was ceased, with both sides realising it had simply been the brainchild of the scheming Boyleef.
      It is said that during the duel, Boyleef called up creatures from hell itself in an attempt to extract Copaq from a host, however they were defeated [apparently by the power of friendship and love. But no-one actually believes that.]
      During the battle, Morningstar, of the hell dimension noticed Boyleef's usage of his dimension to fuel his battle and summon creatures, and in a cunning twist, lookeed deep into Boyleef's heart to see what he hated most. As a curse to Boyleef, Morningstar trapped him inside the body of that he hated most, humanity for eternity. Henceforth whenever Boyleef is killed he is reborn days later, preventing him from commiting suicide and leaving his human shell.
      However everytime he dies he is made significantly weaker. Luckily he has never died.
      The battle at last was won by the heroes after Morningstar's intervention distracted the mighty Boyleef.
      Boyleef was in fact not dead. But he was to return to Terra one day, to exact his furious revenge on the world that had bore him, his mind warped.

      Although it is not told so in Florian archives, Boyleef was not killed in the massive blast that occured on the skyship, in fact he was thrown backwards into one of the warpholes he had summoned himself, catapulting him out of our universe into the Multiverse directory. Here It is unknown how long time passed for him or how he survived, but he has taken to wandering the multiverse, searching for a way back to Terra, this has now led him to the AA...

      Now Boyleef lives only for three things[in this order].

      -To obliterate anyone who stands in his way.

      -To return to Terra and destroy every last living thing there.

      -To then destroy Morningstar and his "puny" hell dimension, and destroy everything he sees.

      Once Boyleef has destroyed every living thing he will destroy himself and at last be free.

      He is cursed.

      Boyleef's katana is affectionately named Zouo. The katana has been affected by Boyleef's years of hatred wielding with it use and henceforth is drawn to him and if removed will return by any means possible [think the one ring and sauron], and rejects any other user.
      Zouo is a long blade, created of dark unkown metals from the other dimension which interacted with humanity [SEE BIO], and so has a jet black blade, and a rather creepy hilt with an eye carved onto each side. An eye that seems to watch you.
      Boyleef, in a fit of rage once ripped his own fingernails out, revelling in the pain [He is more of a masochist then a sadist, prefering to kill foes quickly, similarly to how one would kill a disease[how he sees it]]
      While his nails were healing he came up with the wise idea of creating razor replacements, which he did, creating a rarely used secondary weapon, unknown to anyone but him, it could well prove a surprise.

      Boyleef carries a pen[or other available writing implement] at all times, for reasons unknown.

      ..Someone approve this so I can start writing. hoorah.
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      Email/Contact Information: [email protected]

      Name: Malyss Slayde

      Race: Human Sith bitch
      Age: 20

      Height- 5'10,
      Eye Color - Silver
      Hair Color - Black, short
      Build - Thin but very muscular
      Clothing - Most usually draped in a long cloak/cape combo because she hates the feel of eyes over her body. Beneath this she wears tight fitting clothes, usually dark colored clothes.

      She is quiet, contemplatvie, usually not speaking unless nessesary. She is also prone to fits of murderous rage and sadism if the opportunity presents itself. She had murdered for the hell of it in the past and will do so at the drop of a hat. She hates most living creatures, the one she despises the most is the arrogant sack of bastard Sith Lord that trained her. However since their parting she has yet to find someone who inspires her rage and her sadisic side the way that particular Lord did. Result, a ragine sadistically repressed woman with several deadly abilities looking for someone to vent on.

      Malyss is a Sith Lord and warrior. She can effortlessly wield the powers of a Sith apprentice. As a lord she specializes in the ways of a warrior. She can battle fiercely with or without the aid of the Force, preferring to only employ the Force if her life depends on it or for some especially twisted way of making someoen suffer. List To Follow... patience is a virtue.

      She possesses a hand crafted Sith Lightsaber that hangs faithfully on her hip. In addition to this she has crafted two swords and laced them with lightsaber resistent material (of which i can't recall at the moment) so that they are resistent to the blows of a lightsaber. She prefers using the swords as she loves the sound of metal ripping through flesh, muscle and bone. Around her mutilated left arm she wears a thin metal cuff that extends from the wrist up to just below her elbow. This too is lightsaber resistent and robotic, housing a lovely little assortment of gadgets like poisoned needle darts and bead sized projectiles filled with various poisons that will explode once lodged in flesh. Just for the hell of it and because she likes target practice, Malyss also has two blasters. One is like a regular pistol, but a bit larger that accomedates hollow tipped bullets. The other is a modified blaster that can be upped or lowered in blasting power by the flick of an internal switch via use of the Force. All of her weapons were modified with a DNA recognization system and will work only for her. SHould someone else try to use them they will get a lovely little surprise.

      Malyss is unique physically and as a result had a very twisted childhood. She grew up hating people and could find no place to fit. After an attack on her she snapped and managed to kill the very mob that had set upon her like a pack of drooling hyenas. She so loved the high that came with killing that she became a hitman for a while then fell in with the likes of some random Sith who noted she was Force strong. He sent her to the Sith Academy where she was initially to be trained by a Sith Seductress. The seductress sent Malyss on a little suicide mission and Malyss fell, presumed dead. But she returned, mission accomplished and missing most of the flesh on her left arm, it having been ripped off by the beast she'd been sent to kill bare handed. However, while she was gone the Sith Seductress was killed killed and a Sith Sorceress who took it upon herself to train Malyss. Instead of removing Malyss's mutilated arm and replacing it with a robotic prosthetic fore arm, the sorceress managed to infuse life back into the mangled limb. Malyss inteneded to learn the ways of a warrior, not sorcery. And after a brief inital training in basic dark arts, the Sith sorceress sent Malyss to Sith Warrior Lord to to learn their ways. After a brutal round of training Malyss managed to survive and became a Lord herself. But right after she left the Sith, disgusted with their infantile ways. She turned her back on the order after witnessing what a bunch of shallow, weak willed, petty power grubbing, back stabbing, he and she whores they all were. She now searches for archaic ways to deepen her abilities beyond what the Sith or the Jedi could ever dream of.

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      Name_ Siddartha (translated in English to: He who knows his goals)

      Race_ Cloud/Spirit Walker

      Age_ Deceased

      Height_ 5"6

      Description_ Siddartha is one of the only beings to have ever achieved true enlightenment. This leaves him with a constantly perfect aura, and perfection shows as just simply a white glow. He has no build but has chosen to enter the Arcane Arena when he saw it as an interesting materialistic challenge. Therefore he transformed into a physical body to fight.
      His physical body shows no sign of being combat worthy. His meagerly simple look of a monk gives the impression of frailty.

      He has slightly tanned skin, and is completely bald. He has no hair anywhere on his body, yet his slightly worn complexion suggests old age to those that do not know his legacy.
      His vision is 360degrees, giving him a zoned out look in is eyes; His eyes are deep brown and his pupils indistinguishable.
      If looked into his eyes shall swallow you whole in the deepest confusion and drive you mad in seconds, in simultaneous occurence with your physical death.

      He wears a simple robe, blinding white in colour, having the same effect of one thousand suns burning into your eyes; though the light is passive, it creates nothing but a warmth and feeling of acceptance which he uses to lure entities into a sense of false security.

      Personality_ Siddartha's personality is that of a buddhist monk (ironically). Yet he came to the arena so that he could compete as himself in mortal form. This comes with the price of materialisticness for the time he competes. All he wants to do is win while in battle; but out of battle he is genuinely passive and welcoming. As he is enlightened, he knows how to utilise the physical body to it's upmost extremities and exploit every aspect of all physical flaws to his benifit.

      Abilities_ Siddartha has the ability to kill someone with a single glance when concetrated on their eyes. Yet to do this, he must stop viewing the world in 360degree vision and concentrate hard for a few seconds.
      He has the ability to spirit shift, which is the subsonscious spirit communing instant evasion to a single death blowing technique. This can only be used once in a fight, as he needs almost full energy from his chakras which cannot stay open when he is not laying, or sitting still for a few minutes.
      Siddartha has died numerous times before and after his enlightenment and has achieved to Cloud Walk whilst in a life of being born into the cloud walkers. This is the ability to fly, shift and gives him excellent evasion skills.

      _ His mind and body are the only weapons he requires, though he has been known to go into a rage that competely alter's his personality and beliefs making him extremely strong physically, whilst unable to evade anything.

      Biography_ Siddartha has lived multiple lives since the beginning of time, his most famous life gave him the name, Siddartha and a title of th greatest kind, though, he attempts to hide this identity as it would give people materialistic doubt, and great reason not to fight him.
      In his greatest life, he was born upon his mother's journey to a far away land.
      He instantly spoke saying that he would be a guide for humankind and attempt to show them the ways. His mother died 7 days later, and many prophets came to the boy predicting his future. His future would either be to live a life of religion, or to live a life as royalty. His father, the king, upon hearing this demanded he be hidden from the world and raised as a royal, rather than as a common street-mongering monk. and so he lived his life at the palace for years, when one day he demanded to experiece the outside world. Upon hearing this the king granted permission; but secretly decried that anyone of sickness, religion, or old age not be permitted near him. Whilst on his journey, he encountered a man of old age, and ran after him as he fled. he came to the realisation that the world was not as he had been shown, but one full of death, suffering, sickness, and poverty. Throughout the rest of his life he lived as a hermit seeking enlightenment and an answer to the suffering. He decided to find it elsewhere as he had no results. Eventually he found it... through deep meditation and self discovery, he found the source of creation. He was enlightened; he decided it impossible to teach the humans this as they were too blinded by material beliefs. He was then requested by the source to teach the ways, as some might not be so blinded as others. So, he agreed; and after a long and enlightened spiritual life of teaching he died. After dying, he went through the ful spiritual process until he met the source once again. He was told he needed not, purpose, as he had fullfilled so much in his physical lives already, and he was granted the ability to do as he wished. After many timeless travels and discoveries, he came across the Arcane Arena;
      And now he has proceeded to become physical and experience life and material wants once again, in the hope of discovering the reason people blindly choose glory over life.
      You merely have to change your point of view slightly, and then that glass will sparkle when it reflects the light.

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      Username: Sindred

      Name: Sin-Koon

      Race: Human, Various Bloodlines

      Age: Mid to Late 20s

      Description: Dark, curly hair and an 'almost piratical' beard

      Personality: Affable when needed, forceful and headstrong but similarly quick-witted. Cold and deliberate in battle, warm and suave in love.

      Abilities: Does not appear to have supernatural abilities, unusually gifted in various forms of combat.

      Biography: Born to a wealthy household in Western Inkflor, lost both parents in a bandit raid on the house at the age of 10 (Grand Race). Some time after this became a sky-sailor, possibly aboard similar ships as Drusus, his present first-mate, and it is known that he became involved at an early age in the affairs of Don Seraph, though few details of this remain.
      He is known to have spent time in an Inkfloran City Prison, to have stolen large sums from the government vaults in Harloph, to have taken part in Kastor's infamous Last Stand, been implicated in Green-Coat conspiracies, ended a mysterious New World cult, among other matters.
      Took over captaincy of the Theban, a fly-streamer sky-galleon, later on, and has since replaced the ship with a new one, the Caravel, on which many of his present adventures take place.
      His life-story is currently charted and recorded (with occasionally ommisions) by one Captain Alexander, retired, of the Florian 33rd.
      See the Sin-Koon Papers for an account of his adventures in the New World.

      Sin-Koon has been brought to the Arcade Arena multiverse by powers unknown, for reasons unknown. He now desires to return to the New World any way possible, and travels the Arcade Arena world searching for such a route home.

      Weapons/Equipment: While Sin-Koon's gear has varied over time, several of his weapons are of note. The miniature match-lock pistol hidden in one sleeve is an example, a dangerously innaccurate and slow-loading one-shot gun that Sin-Koon appears to have preference for in times of surprise or haste.
      His concealed sabre is often a melee weapon of choice, though he has been known to improvise or make use of other weapons on his person, such as knives.

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      Username: Sindred

      Name: Chander

      Race: Human

      Age: Unknown, physically mid to late 20s

      Description: Long, curly black hair, often unkempt, tanned skin, right eye gone (cloth tied as eyepatch)

      Personality: Naturally curious and sympathetic, though largely neutral, Chander occasionally discovers personality traits from his lost past that he would not have considered possible

      Abilities: Known Telekinesis, Unknown Others (if at all)

      Biography: No memory of previous life beyond entering the Arcana Arena, Chander wanders on through his new world with a sense of curiosity and naïvety. He has occasional flashbacks, which may or may not be real, and is largely a wildcard as to how he will react

      Weapons/Equipment: A single short sword (a falcata), which he views with a sense of animosity and fear, for it represents the elements of his forgotten past that he fears most, the idea that he was once a violent man
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      Username: Daeva
      Contact Info: [email protected]

      : Zadkiel
      Nickname: Zad
      Race: Human
      Age: 27

      Description / biography:

      The man stands at 5'9" tall and weighs in the neighborhood of 150 pounds. His body is covered in lean, very densely compacted muscles. His hair is slightly shaggy, dirty blond and his eyes are piercingly blue. His body is covered in ritual scarification as well as other various scars from battles and from the simple desire to feel the pain.

      Once a very social, charismatic boy he has since become quiet and withdrawn from the world around him as his mind has slowly degraded and left him entirely focused on the object, or rather person, of his obsession.

      Born to rich, high class parents on the planet of Coruscant he led a very privileged life. With freedom from his parents, his father always busy with work or amoral acts with someone on his staff, and his mother always at various benefits and other things that kept her perfect reputation in tact, he was able to do practically anything he wanted and on a planet like Coruscant that is never a good thing.

      As he grew up he developed a powerful dislike of all alien races as well as what he considered the inferior sex; females. Because of his money and charismatic capabilities he was designated the 'leader' of his group of friends and any that tried to challenge that was dealt with swiftly, thanks to Zad's anger issues. The hatred and anger issues were practically bred into him, and anyone would know that if they took even a cursory glance at the way his parents acted towards other species and the way his father womanized.

      As he got older it was revealed to him that he was sensitive to the 'force' and while Zad had mocked force users all his life, he had always held a quiet jealousy of the power they held. He jumped on the opportunity to learn to harness that power and sought out the Sith. (As a note; the Galaxy this one was originally created in was an AU Star Wars one, so the rule of 2 was not in place rather the Sith were an order with numbers comparable to the Jedi.)

      He entered into the Warrior caste and excelled. His already toned body was honed and trained to perfection; or as close to perfection as the mortal shell would permit him. It was during this time that a deep masochistic trait was discovered within him. The pain gave him power; he began to draw blood every day, whether it be his own or someone else's.

      As the Sith order slowly deteriorated he began to focus more and more on his own desires. Eventually he accepted an apprentice that was already nearing Lord rank within the order. She only lacked practical combat training. He gave her that, but during her trials a very devastating act occurred that left the man shaken. From that act an obsession would grow. Since then he has distanced himself from the order and only worked towards the final goal of tracking down that Sith and exacting his revenge. The only point where he slowed his Galaxy wide search was to meet with the Dark Lord, to take his final Master trials and transcend to such rank.


      If the area is suitable, he will wear pants and a cloak he can wrap around himself as well as a pair of shoes such as combat boots. If it is too cold, he will don thicker clothing as well as a shirt, but he does so enjoy showing off his scars as well as his muscles.


      Hate-mongering, masochistic, racist, sexist, blood lusting, and obsessive all come to mind when searching for descriptive terms. Operates on a hair-pin trigger and will kill without hesitation. A person's life is only safe so long as they prove useful, and even then it is not guaranteed.


      A single blade, scarlet lightsaber handcrafted and modified several times to suit his needs. The activation switch is inside the hilt, ensuring that only those with telekinetic abilities are able to switch it on. The hilt itself has a finger print recognition system; if it detects someone else using it spikes coated in poison will come out of the hilt and into the person's hands. The poison is slow acting, but it leaves the person feeling as if every blood cell in their body has been set aflame. Within the Order he formerly called home he was one of the premier swordsmen, being as he specialized in combat with a single lightsaber using form II with training in form III and IV. III is quite uncharacteristic for someone such as a Sith, but he believes he can not break a defense that he does not understand and thus he learned the form favored by some Jedi and well known to be the most defensive.

      A pouch of razorblades rests on his hip, some rusty and some brand new and sharp as can be. Not a particularly devastating weapon, but it is used to sate his sadistic urges.

      The bone in his left forearm has been replaced with cyberware. It doesn't enhance his strength, or his speed any, but it does make the arm much more durable. (It was crushed some time again.)


      The entirety of his training within the Sith Order was focused around martial prowess and how to improve, then surpass the limits imposed upon him by his mortal form, as well as the natural laws of the Galaxy such as gravity and so on. The result is a highly focused training that left him as little more then a meat shield and killing machine with minor telepathic and telekinetic abilties. The extent of his telepathy was learned over the course of several lessons focused around predicting his opponents movements and attacks, the telekinetic ability learned as a defensive measure (one of the few he was taught) as well as a method of distraction; he's not above fighting dirty by any means.


      One of the primary draw backs of Zad's outlook on life is arrogance and while his run in with the Sith girl was humbling in a way and left him without as much arrogance as before, he still views himself as being above all of those he encounters save a select few that have earned his respect. This over confidence has the potential, in fact has been, to be a major downfall that could result in death.

      On a similar note, the trait of masochism is so deeply hardwired into every fiber of his being that he has lost the ability to comprehend when enough is enough. For him there is no surrender and there is no pain to great. Victory or death; being left alive after defeat was a secondary cause of his undying obsession. While he will fight until his body is nothing more then ground meat suitable for no more then tossing out to the animals for dinner, he is aware that sometimes his needs surpass that which flesh can provide and where flesh fails him he will substitute it with cold, hard steel and cyberware. If part of him is too frail, he will remove it and replace it as he did with his forearm so long ago.
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      Woo I made an appearance as a blonde slutty prom queen! It's like you actually dreamt the real me!

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      Email/Contact Information: email: [email protected]
      AIM: Offdawall999

      Name: His true name is unkown, but many know him by "Bringer of Death". In this description, we'll referr to him as He, Him, His, etc. (capital H).

      Race: Human (not from Earth). He is a rare man though, having the "gift" for magic which enables him great power. His "gift" is so powerful that He's the most powerful wizard there ever was, on His home planet.

      Age: Appears to be 30ish, but when you look into His eyes He seems to be ageless. His true age, in human years, is said to be well over 3000 years.

      Description: Standing 6'2" and weighing around 195 pounds, this man is an imposing figure in a room. He is well built, and carries Himself with grace and posture. His skin is pale, with a grey hue to it. His sharp and flawless features bring awe to all those who see Him. His face is hawk-like and He rarely shows a smile, but when He does it's said to be rapture. Although His features are young, He has pure white shoulder length hair, which is thick and ussually kept down. Any who behold His keen grey eyes seem to be put into a trance and never forget them. His strong and deep voice is flows from His mouh, being heard by all. When He speaks, all eyes turn to Him. He draws attention to all those near Him.

      His native language is High Felian, which is native to his homeland. He also speaks fluently in common tongue, but ussually preferrs his native speak. When speaking an incantation for a powerful spell, he uses an unkown ancient language which holds great power.

      The left side of His body has grotesque scars on it, which caused Him to be ridiculed as a child. They were given to Him when His life was attempted on. A powerful wizard known as Rong'Gek murdered His father, and tried to murder Him as well. In the process, Rong'Gek shot flames at Him, giving Him His scar. He was saved by his fathers servant, Kane, who was captured and killed the day after. The "Bringer of Death" fled for His life, only 13 years old, when He found an old hermit known as Girtan. Girtan taught Him to use His gift, the art of magic. Girtan was later found out to be the His uncle.

      When He was 50 years old (though still young looking, because His gift enables him immortality) He was powerful enough to challenge Rong'Gek, and avenge his father. He marched into Rong'Gek's palace to challenge him, and the challenge was gladly accepted. He and Rong'Gek dueled for 10 days and 10 nights it is said, until finally He struck Rong'Gek down with His sword, Finswan (see equipment for details on his sword). After killing Rong'Gek, He was in a blood rage and destroyed well over half of His own planet with a spell that ignited the very atoms of everything in it's path, which could only be drawn out of rage. It is then that He earns His name, "Bringer of Death"

      He then wandered aimlessly and purposelessly, because His only purpose in life was to seek revenge. It is said that He went into hiding, fearing the Imperial army would find and murder Him. It is also said that hH became a hermit for a time, honing His skills and perfecting His powers.

      I believe the latter.

      What is known is that He eventually learned to fly, and cast a spell which allowed Him to breath in space. After wandering the heavens and stars, He found the Arcane Arena.

      Abilities: Although his true limits are unkown, people know that this man can command the elements fire, water, and air. Beyond that, he can focus all of his magical powers into his sword Finswan, which is his main weapon in one on one duels. In combat, he can create shields around himself out of the elements air, fire, and water, which can deflect certain dangers. His main means of attack are beams of energy in the form of one of these elements, or of course his deadly blade which is said to be unmatched. When in a battle, he has a need to kill and uses this need to feed his own strength and power. Before battle, he slices his own arm to give his sword blood. Once his sword has blood, it craves more.

      Weapons/Equipment: In battle, he always wears a black and silver robe with a billowing crimson-red cloak flowing behind him. When in battle, he ties his hair back to keep it out of his field ofview. He needs to see his battlefield. His only weapon are his hands, and of course his sword Finswan. Although the little about the sword is kown, it is spoken of in ancient prophecy to be given to one who will be named as "Bringer of Death". It is said that the gods themselves forged Finswan for the sole purpose of aiding the "Bringer of Death". He came across this sword when Girtan told him to visit an old cave his father used to go to. It was stabbed deep into a stone, and next to the stone it was written "Only the bringer of death may pull forth Finswan, "Blade of Doom" ". Sure enough, he pulled it from the stone and it never left his side since. The name Finswan mean "Blade of Doom" in the ancient tongue that He speaks when incanting spells. When wielding the blade, He is one with the gods and his magic, tearing through anything in his path.

      Sword picture:[IMG]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b132/koolness999/9NZZECAFLL6RDCATQN2GXCA1JCHZNCA1F51.jpg[/IMG]
      (idk if thats allowed? if not, notify me and I'll edit)

      Flaws/Tendencies: The "Bringer of Death" tends to be angry often. He lacks companions and friends due to this. He is regarded with awe, and thus fear. Those who know him fear him. He seeks friendship, and a balance to his life.

      In battle, he tends to be weak against anything unkown to him. Technology and machines are his main weakness, because he doesn't understand them or the way they work.

      His main flaw is his aggression and lack of defense. When he draws his sword he becomes overly aggressive, and will not stop until he fulfills his need to kill. Even in impossible odds, he will endure and continue to fight. Luck has been on his side more often than not, but his true test has yet to come.
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      Username: Daeva
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      : Gabriel
      Nickname: Gaius; the elf goes by the nickname completely, never revealing the elf’s real name if at all avoidable.
      Race: Elf
      Age: Unknown

      Description: Ectomorphic; Favors angular features, slender, lithe forms that are generally perceived as highly androgynous.

      Biography: Gabriel was popular when younger, relying on the optimistic outlook and easy going attitude to compliment a natural aptitude for comedy. Somewhere down the line that all changed, though. All it took was one bad night to leave the elf’s entire disposition horrendously altered.

      The elf had taken the jokes a little too far with a human fellow the elf and friends had happened across. The man took it wrong and hunted Gabriel down that night, over powering the elf and pinning the elf to the ground. He pulled out a large knife and cut Gabriel’s smile up to the ears on either side. With cheeks split in two in a ‘make shift ear to ear smile,’ justice in the man’s eyes, the elf could do nothing but hide the wounds from everyone by retreating into solitude

      Gabriel feared being shunned and that people would talk about the wounds when the elf wasn’t around.. The cheeks were fixed, but not without a horrible scar remaining behind. The effect was ghastly, having the skin scrunching up around the outside of the indention where the cut had taken place; it really did end up look almost as if lips extended up to the elfs ears in an atrocious smile from hell.

      When former friends finally did get a look at the elfs face, they were appalled and believed that the elf had to have committed some sinful deed to have once stunning visage be marred in such a manner. They chased Gabriel out of what was called home; fearing that if he remained something bad might befall them as well. Gabriel wondered aimlessly in the wild for days, using what little survival knowledge possessed to stay alive.

      Everything came to a head, though, one night as the full moon was hiding behind the thick clouds. Gabriel collapsed in a clearing, holding face in palms and crying out in loneliness and begging anyone or anything that would listen for a way out of this hell. From within the darkness of the woods surrounding the clearing came a solitary figure wrapped in a cloak as white as the purest snow. Gracefully the figure glided up beside Gabriel, offering an alabaster hand. The Elf accepted it, looking away from the figure wishing to hide the face of a monster…but the cloaked figure turned Gabriel’s face towards it, looking upon it for what felt like hours.

      It whispered to Gabriel, ‘I can help you…but you must promise me, promise me this. When I call upon you, you will come. You will be there for me, as I am here for you.’

      Gabriel readily agreed. There was a flash of light and the figure was gone, leaving Gabriel with the knowledge of how to change shape into whatever was desired.

      Rumors persisted of a God having come down to save someone in those woods, but the whispers that are most prevalent in the dark corners of every pub are that in the woods that night someone sold their soul to a most Dark of God’s.

      Clothing: The Elf wears what suits the mood, or is most practical if traveling.

      Personality: Once upon a time the ability to take things seriously was a quality sorely lacking, but of recent it is possessed in spades when required. Subterfuge is a prized ability held by the Elf, enjoying being able to pass as whoever’s shape Gabriel is in, or at least doing a good job of it. A morbid sense of humor has been acquired as of late, but Gabriel enjoys fun as much as the next person. Fun, of course, is a subjective term, though.

      Equipment: Traveling gear

      Abilities: Aside from the natural grace and agility possessed by the elf's species, Gabriel can shape shift.

      Flaws: Apathy. Gabriel cares very little for those that venture near; as the elf knows that they would despise the scared visage and recoil in fear and disgust after seeing it. Knowing that has also attributed towards the growing problem of becoming somewhat of a sociopath.

      Those that know the Elf’s real name, Gabriel, can force the elf into the true form by uttering it three times; hence why the elf has adapted the name Gaius.
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      Woo I made an appearance as a blonde slutty prom queen! It's like you actually dreamt the real me!

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      Name: Lord Bennington Abingford Croftworthe VII

      Race: Human

      Age: 36

      Description: 5’9” 125 lbs, hazel eyes, neat shoulder-length light brown/dirty blonde hair, extremely fair skin, very thin, always dressed in fine robes or occasionally a dress suit. He sometimes can be found wearing a fedora or a bowler and a pair of small, round spectacles.

      Personality: Clever and sarcastic, Bennington will wear your confidence down before the battle even starts. He has no respect for anyone and isn’t afraid to tell you about it. He has poise and mannerisms befitting an aristocrat of his stature. He keeps to himself, confiding only in his groundskeeper, Bourkeley. He has, in the past, been aggravated to the point of a meltdown, and it is thought that he has suppressed his emotions to a disturbingly unhealthy maximum.

      Abilities: He is still scarred from childhood disease, and walks with a cane. However, the flow of adrenaline he receives in battle allows him to discard it. When he is fully mobile, he is quite fast, in running, hand speed and decision-making. While he is generally weak, he has well-defined shoulder muscles that allow him to swing with tremendous force. His time in the library has taught him the principles and theories of many forms of hand-to-hand combat. While he tires easily, he can regain his footing quickly. He has a good deal of instinct and has been known to go insane when cornered. He does, however, on a deeply subconscious level, have a fear of conflict and of aggravating his opponents.

      Weapons/Equipment: He carries a Smith & Wesson .500 Magnum at all times, and often varies the sword he carries. He also carries two of the finest knives in existence, made from aggregated diamond nanorods and impeccably sharpened, in ankle sheaths.

      Biography: Bennington spent his days speculating about what death is like. He finally decided to experience it first time, by dying in the greatest battle of all time. He learned to fight and set off to seek his destiny. He found the Arcane Arena.

      "In watermelon sugar the deeds were done and done again as my life is done in watermelon sugar. I'll tell you about it because I am here and you are distant."

      R.I.P. Harry Kalas

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      Whoops. Wrong thread.
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      "In watermelon sugar the deeds were done and done again as my life is done in watermelon sugar. I'll tell you about it because I am here and you are distant."

      R.I.P. Harry Kalas

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      Username: Queen SD

      Email: [email protected]

      Name: her real name is Samantha, but everyone knows her as Queen SD (or just “the Queen”, or just “SD”)

      Race: Human Sorceress and Shaman

      Age: 21

      Description: She is about 1,75m tall and weights 60kg. Her eyes are icy blue, matching her snow-white, waist length hair, which sometimes shines silver under the moonlight. She is thin, yet not skinny. Her build is athletic, allowing her to perform a variety of acrobatic moves and dodge almost any attacks with incredible agility. However, she lacks in defence and lets her magical powers to fill in that gap, protecting her from any harm.

      Two purple ribbons keep her wild hair in place, with tiny patterns like stars on them, matching the design of the light strapless shirt she’s wearing. Since her power stone is the sapphire, she wears three of these beautiful stones. One small one on her delicate head piece, the biggest one holding her shirt together as a clip and the third one shining proudly on her platinum crown. The dark harem pants she wears makes it easier for her to slip past unnoticed, since they are loose and light as a feather. Queen SD will usually be seen with a black cloak on her shoulders. That is no ordinary garment, it is known as a lunar cloak and has the power to merge the person wearing it with darkness, turning him into nothing but a shadow.

      Queen SD Picture

      Personality: Samantha is one of those people who are hard to read. Although she may seem like an outgoing person, she hides her true self well and reveals only what she thinks necessary. As her name implies, she is a Queen and her goal is to one day take over the world. Her Queendom, the Dark SiDe (pay attention to which letters are capitalised), is situated in an enormous island (a bit bigger than the United Kingdom) but she has already taken over a few other cities. As a result to running an entire Queendom all on her own, despite her young age, she has evolved into an intelligent and mature individual. SD has a dark aura around her but is independent and knows what she’s doing. This intellectually curious girl is known to have two sides. Her followers, the Dark SiDers (who live with her on the island), describe her as an open, fun-to-be-with, generous Queen and indeed she is. Towards them. Her other side, the darker one, is revealed when she is dealing with… uncooperative… individuals. The Queen tends to divide people into two categories: allies and enemies. And mark my words, she is not someone you would like to call your enemy. To those who oppose her she can be cruel and unforgiving, it is unlikely, however, for her to kill a human being, as she respects life above all. She highly values loyalty and is always open to new ideas, and as long as you don’t offend her in any way, you will stay on her good side.

      Queen SD seems to have this obsession with pineapples and cookies, which are in fact the symbol of the Dark SiDe Queendom and she will expect you to love them (or at least pretend you love them) as well, or you should begin to fear for your life! She can be pretty random at times, but can you blame her? Life is too short to be too serious.

      Abilities: As a sorceress she holds incredible magical power, able to bring down an entire building with ease. She has power over all elements, except the one of light. She is called the Queen of all evil for a reason and naturally her Dark Powers exceed all others. Her favourite (and much too overused) ability, however, is telepathy. She can get into people’s heads, contact her companions telepathically and make objects move or explode just with a swing of her hand. As a shaman, she can summon almighty spirits to merge their energy with hers or just to carry out her orders. Her life-long companion, a silver spirit dragon, Cho, who she usually refers to as her “spirit guide”, holds half of what she is, they are connected. She can merge herself with him and become one, and that is when they are truly unstoppable, there is one drawback though. If one of them gets injured or knocked out, the other loses grave power and even worse, if one is killed, the other one will follow his fate, so they guard each other well. When they are united, they can perform a variety of attacks and they have abnormal abilities, for example, Queen SD can grown dark feathery wings. Samantha likes to focus on power and speed, since she believes that the best defence someone can achive is good offence.

      Weapons/Equipment: She hasn’t got much equipment, since she relies mostly on her magical powers. The only weapon she holds her is a light, thin, delicately crafted sword, which was forged by the elves centuries ago, by a rare type of black diamond. Occasionally she carries a number of pineapple grenades with her, just in case, which are something in between a live creature and a mindless weapon. They would look like ordinary pineapples, if it wasn’t for the sharp teeth and the eyes. Once they are given the order, they lock on a person and hunt him until they pierce those pointy teeth of theirs through his skin. The moment their jaw closes, they explode into a million pieces, along with the unfortunate individual. However, it must be noted that they lack much intelligence, which makes it possible to escape them.

      Biography: Queen SD was brought up in a small village named Tilabet, somewhere in a parallel universe unknown to most men, but she was called Samantha Deylen back then. Her world was similar to ours, except for one tiny little detail. Each person had a power-fruit, which depended on the year, month, day and hour he was born in. That specific fruit would give him strength any time he ate it, or even came in contact with it. In rare occasions it would even grant him certain powers, but that only happened once every 100 years. As you have obviously guessed, Samantha’s one was the pineapple. At the age of 10 she was presented with her power-fruit like all kids of that age were, and her parents were surprised to see the spiky fruit glow at the touch of her hands, then shake violently and fall on the ground. The priests explained that this was not a good sign. She was the one the power-fruits had chosen for that century, but she had gained neither the power of the healer nor the one of light. For some reason she was given the curse of the necromancer, a notorious title those days. Terrified, her parents gave in to the pressure of their fellow villagers to get rid of the child and in one night all that Samantha knew and loved were torn apart from her. She found herself thrown in a dark cave, with a fierce dragon closing in, locking his glowing red eyes on her. She lay there, unable to move, unable to utter a word, waiting for the inevitable. But it never came. A silver flash of light threw itself on the monster and with the blink of an eye, drove it out of the cave and into the skies. Samantha, half fainted, was then able to lay her eyes or her rescuer, a silver dragon, about as big as a horse (wings not included in size), three times smaller than the red eyed monster it had driven away. Whoever that was, he was a friend, and with that comforting thought, the girl fell unconscious on the ground. When she woke up she found herself riding of the dragon’s back, far away from home. As she found out, his name was Cho and he was her guardian spirit. They headed towards the south, with no particular destination and Samantha swore to herself that she would get her revenge one day. She would not become a necromancer, no. She would learn how to manipulate magic and gain other abilities and one day she would return and prove to them all what she’s capable of and what a grave mistake they had made. And so she did.

      In the following years she got trained among the elves and with great difficulty managed to switch her necromancer’s power into a shaman’s. She was also trained to fight with a sword and using magic abilities. At the age of 19 Samantha joined forces with an elf called Quira and created the DarQ SiDe (it is important to pay attention to which letters are capitalised). Their plan was to take over the world with their dark army. They started off with an island somewhere in the North and after a huge war they conquered it, destroying all who opposed them. One of the island’s many villages was called Tilabet. Samantha had gotten her revenge. In a fierce battle, though, Samantha suffered a horrible injury, which threw her in a coma for about 10 months. She had minor hopes of survival, yet with the help of her dragon companion Cho and the power of the pineapple, she was able to fully recover. When she finally returned, she was devastated to find out that Quira no longer held her former glory and most of her armies had been scattered. She slowly started reforming an army, using the long forgotten island as her base, organising everything all over again and soon enough they were stronger than ever. She called it the Dark SiDe (D-SD for short) and introduced herself as Queen SD.

      (anyone's welcome to PM me )
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      <-- This is called a pineapple. You shall obey it.

      Come to the Dark SiDe, we have cookies!

      REALITY.SYS Corrupted - Unable to recover Universe. Enter any 11-digit prime number to continue.

      LDs: 31

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      my arcane character

      Username: Anti_Nation

      Email/Contact Information: [email protected] (i use MSN Messenger a lot so if you need me, i'l be there.)

      Name: Caleb

      Race: Human/Unknown (will explain)

      Age: around 14

      Description: Caleb is 5'8" and 146lbs. He has brown eyes with thick braids of color. He has Dark Brown hair that falls over his eyes and ends just above his nose. He is pretty skinny with some build in his arms. He usually wears a Black Tshirt and shorts or pants that let him move like Cargo stuff.

      Personality: Caleb is usually a selfless and kind person but when he needs something he wont hesitate much to get it. Hes learned the hard way that he cant trust anyone either and wants to be understood. Once you get to know him, He'l open up and really connect with you.

      Or you can meet his other side. Sometimes the original Caleb changes. He becomes Violent, Relentless and self absorbed. Sometimes he just cracks under all of the pressure and doesnt give a sh** about what others think.

      Its not a mental problem. its been with him for as long as he could remember and usually he's fine under normal conditions.

      Abilities: A lot is unknown about Calebs abilities but so many strange things have been happening that it doesn't seem like a coincidence any more.

      Shown below:
      Alter Ego transforming him into a juggernaut.
      vampiric likeness?

      Weapons/Equipment: A knife shoplifted from a flea market. The blade is tinted a dark grey color and is reversed sided. the concave side is the one with the razor sharp blade. The hilt or handle is wrapped with silver wire providing a comfortable grip.

      other weapons: things found or stolen from stores.

      Biography: Caleb has been living on the streets for quite a while and its been tough for him to get by. He lost a lot of weight. He went into a store and stole a bag of chips. Of course, he didnt try to hide it. The store owner saw him and ran after him. Caleb bolted down the street. Being that he was nearly starving, the store owner caught his left wrist. His adrenaline Kicked in and so did his Alter ego as well. He spun around and smashed his fist into the store owners face, chips still in hand. Caleb managed to slip away. He ran the rest of the way to the city park where he hid under a bridge and ate the crushed chips. He noticed he had deep cuts where the store owner's nails were. He licked them clean and an explosion erupted in his mouth. it was pure bliss. Caleb felt extremely sick that he actually liked the taste of blood.

      Caleb started to dose off, the sweet taste still lingering in his mouth. he didn't seem so hungry anymore. A vivid image appeared in his minds eye. Lights bouncing off trees and long shadows stretching along the ground, coming closer to the bridge.

      Caleb Never knew his parents. he's had Vague memories and dreams of them but thats about it. He was raised in a foster home until about the age of 7 when it shut down and he was trasferred to a mental hospital. The kids were split up and neglected. No one cared about them. Caleb just walked out, hoping for a better life but always doing things to get by. No one came after him.

      He would spend his nights sitting on a sidewalk, trying to get sleep or out scavenging for food. Always doing things just to get by. Once, a man came up to him and asked if he was OK.

      The man turned out to be some freak. Caleb got as far away from him as he could. he wanted nothing to do with that sort of stuff.

      Another lonely night, Caleb was dosing off again. almost in a hypnotic state. He forgot all about his body and everything else around him and just floated in relaxation. A crashing sound erupted and shook his body. He woke instantly but instead of being on the streets, he was in a bed.

      Conclusion: that was long and boring. I know. but anyways, after concluding that he wasn't in the same reality anymore and he didnt wake up, he explored and found the hospital full of miracles and many people that he could finally trust. Home at the Arcane.

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      Talking Mireille

      Username: Kit

      My email is [email protected]

      name: Mireille

      race: Elf


      Description: Height - 5'6'' (Here is a pic) Added an attachment of pic of my

      Personality: Hyper active, loves chatting to people, kind and always cheery.
      She is an obsessive treasure hunter, and will fight like mad
      to keep a bit of treasure. She is very bright, and works on defensive strategies
      during combat.

      Abilities: Mireille possesses a wide variety of abilities:

      She can heal herself or anything by touch or by thought.
      She can project a pink forcefield which she can fire at opponents.
      She can manipulate anything with a crystalline structure e.g crystal, glass.
      She can also manipulate plants (make them attack people, poison them etc.)
      She has a strange sense of smell which goes of around treasure, alllowing
      her to locate it.
      She can charm opponents so they will not harm her.
      She can also teleport.

      Weapon: A large wooden staff in a sort of cross shape referred to as a
      groovy stick, which she found in a pirate treasure chest

      Biography: She is a member of a small clan of Elfs called the Kokuro warriors. They, instead of
      fighting outward, manipulate the emotions of others to win a battle. However Mireille
      has always been a dreamer and has not developed her abilities to extreme levels
      like her family. Instead she prefered playing in the forests looking for treasure.
      As a result she gradually became shunned by her family.
      To show them she is not completely useless she headed off to the arena to prove
      her worth.
      Attached Images
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      Crisdean score: 6277 (35% abilities)

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