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    Thread: Before the Big Bang

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      Quote Originally Posted by Oneironaut View Post
      There are many, many physicists who would disagree with you.
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      Fascinating thread guys, though most of it zings way over my head. I didn't read all the links, and I'm nowhere near as knowledgeable about any of this stuff as everybody who's posted here, but I saw The Universe According to Steven Hawking the other day - and I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night (!).

      Steve says that apparently the universe at the 'moment just before the big bang' was about the size of a subatomic particle, and as we all know, the behavior of such tiny particles is quite strange - in fact they have a habit of appearing seemingly spontaneously and then disappearing once their work is done. He says one school of thought holds that this is exactly what the singularity did... just appeared in that subatomic, nonlocalized way they like to do. Don't know if this explains anything, but I know I dig it.

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