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      Past, present, and future?

      Hi all, just a quick ? ha!

      Alrighty, so I was reading a discussion about someone who thought they were trapped in the "now" and seemed so adamant about it, him and opponents argued that what you feel and all that is in the past because of muscle movements and whatever....also claiming the past isn't relevant because it doesn't exist anymore...


      I was thinking... What you physically see would have to be the "past", assuming it does take time for your brain to register it, which might imply that your movements are the true "present" as you move in time? If agreed, would that mean the thought of the movement, rather the decision to move, somehow came from the future, and you presently decide to move?

      Or is the thought in the past as well? Does "simultaneous" play a part here??

      oh yeah and to finish.... aren't we experiencing all 3 simultaneously???

      just wouldn't mind someone else to throw their input in...... i have another huge physics related problem but i need to take time and make sure i word it correctly... its kind of complicated (not exactly pertaining to this subject tho)

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      The mind is a bit in the past, and the muscles are a lot in the past. Time isn't a number line you can jump around in... the future doesn't exist and the past doesn't either. The whole thing about "traveling" in time is bogus and the result of sci-fi, not science. Time is simply the movement down the world line, which is simply the changing of "now." What "now" used to be is the "past". Now changes, and we aren't trapped inside it, simply because everything is now. Hitler is NOT now because he doesn't exist anymore. Saying that he "used to" exist is pointless. He DOES not exist at the moment.
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      so are we under the assumption that something that "no longer" exists still can impact the present, correct? Confusing to say its "pointless" when history clearly impacts the present....

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      When two people speak on a cell phone there is always a small delay when you are done speaking, and the next person starts to speak. Moreso than you realize when you are using the cellphone. Both ends of the conversation are delayed.
      In the same respect there is a delay in the time it takes you to register what is happening around you, and for your muscles to respond. This does not interfere with everyday life, because it is such a small delay.
      So, in a sense, we are kind of living in the past, I suppose.
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