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      Temporary tattoos could make electronic telepathy and telekinesis possible

      Temporary tattoos could make electronic telepathy and telekinesis possible

      Just read this article and it seems legitimate. It would be awesome if everyone had access to this kind of technology someday...

      Post your thoughts below

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      I have always been a fan of telepathy but this almost seems too good to be true. The conspiracy theorist part of me is wondering: If they can collect data about the internal body as well as sending data to other output systems, what's stopping them from collecting and recording all of my thoughts somewhere on a big computer?

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      It's already commonplace to instantaneously transmit thoughts from your brain to the brain of somebody else on the other side of the world.

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      *gasp* MAGIC!

      Everything works out in the end, sometimes even badly.

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      I think there's an obvious distinction here.

      1. Smartphones and other electronic devices that help send what you think through words and such do of course send your thoughts out in a way, but usually, the other person waiting for the text isn't going to see what you're trying to filter out.

      Example 1: Someone finally wanting to text their crush their feelings for them, but then erasing that before the other person had a chance to know they were going to mention it.
      Example 2: Someone wanting to text on how much a person is annoying them, but they don't mention it and come off as pretentious instead.

      In short for that aspect, communication through devices specifically where there's obviously a bigger "lag" (the person trying to make the right choice of words) before they send it makes the person receiving it basically an incomplete statement (or text in this case) of that person's thoughts. So in that way, it's merely conjecture for the receiver.

      Or if you want a shorter explanation: Those devices are less likely to make a person unintentionally show subconscious feelings to that person.

      2. With this "discovery" of potential electronic telepathy, it's presuming that there's less chance of conjecture from the receiver, and more beliefs that there will be straight-forward conversation where there's a chance a person might catch on to another person's Freudian slip before they could filter it out.

      So you could say, this is a way of lessening that lag, which lessens conjecture (or what you perceive it might be based on the incomplete information that's increased because of the "lag" I mentioned ((or not getting the whole story)). And with the parts of the tattoo that presumably picks up on EEG/EMG and all that fancy stuff, it augments the "feeling" as if there's telepathic communication.

      The key factor here is if it's just as instantaneous or faster than our own neural impulses where it "seems" natural; it's also key if this tattoo thing could improve to the point where the other person catches on to the other one's true feelings and thoughts before they have a chance to try and cover it up.


      Because since telepathy is knowing what others were thinking as if it were in your head, this would stimulate a more continuous flow of information (little to no lag in mental filtering). Something like an iPhone or another smartphone obviously wouldn't be a form of "telepathy," just sending information that has the higher risk of conjecture.

      But if you're talking to an idiot who's brain is the iPhone/smartphone/etc., it wouldn't be that much of a difference.


      And really, that's just all speculation, so don't take me seriously, since I doubt there would be true telepathy with this tattoo, since there's always going to be ways a person is going to subconsciously block off something as much as them having Freudian slips.

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