I'll try to keep the background short. I've had experience with lucid dreaming for 3 years now with small progress that ended up at really foggy lucid states. Nothing insane yet like control and sustained dreaming. Moving on... I am a huge fan of Middle Earth and I am only beginning to get deeper into it. A thought occurred to me the other day that made me feel slightly selfish, for lack of a better description. = I often sit and think, and I dream modern science allows us to tap into the lucid system of the brain and control it. I wish modern virtual reality became a sort of way to fabricate worlds and every aspect of them and use the neural system to accomplish it. No outside equipment for perceptions like Oculus Rift or the room built out of screens. I'm talking about controlling and stabilizing the abilities of the brain to manipulate dreams to our specifications. Inception. .Hack. Whatever you want to call it. I want that to happen. If I am 95 I will still use it. Thoughts?