Once upon a time there was a kittle girl named Razzlebrreh. This one time, she went to band camp. Except she didn't, cause she's not in a band. However, as she went about her day to dat life, she decided to say fuck it (not like fuck it, like fuck everything that moves cause that involves bestiality and Raxxlebureh did not think that that was acceptable. Or necrophilia but dead people (I DSEE DEAD PEOPLE) don't move) and began to enjoy her life the way she wanted to enjoy it. She soon discovered that this attitude when used in the right circumstances (she is beginning to be unsure of what she means and her eyes are starting to hurt) gave her more opportunities as long as she was nice to people/ She also discovred that being nice to people really was the best way forward as long as she wasn't used or becoming a door mat. Razzleburreh decided to share her story with the lovely community of dreamviews because it is late, she cannot sleep, and she is mocerately drunk.