Let's make this Simple


1. No boobies, private parts etc.

2. Everyone has a chance to guess what the scenario or action is.

3. It's a bulletin forum, don't expect lightning speed responses.

4. If the person who does the drawing finds someone who is close to it (they don't have to be exactly right), tell they got it right, and then they have to Draw their own charades.

5. Please think of something BEFORE you draw, no trolling by making something up and not knowing what the heck it is.

6. If there's quite a few people who cannot tell, try giving them small hints.

7. Use any program like MS Paint, Photoshop, etc., or scan something you drew on a sheet of paper, but the former is more convenient.

8. First person to come close obviously gets first dibs.

9. Have fun!

Let's get started!!!

This one should be easy:

Hint: It's that moment when sleeping and waking up that pisses you off.